When someone mentions ‘home decorating’, most of us imagine a room covered in protective plastic sheeting, and piles of cardboard boxes lying all around the house. But home decorating projects do not have to be stressful, and time and money-consuming. Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination, and a few simple touches to revamp your interior. Here are a few ideas that will instantly freshen up any home.

A Warm Welcome

1What better way to give a warm welcome to your guests than with a nice welcome sign. Nowadays, you can find unique and chic, yet affordable signs in any home décor store or online. But if you really want to make it personal, make one yourself. Simply take a piece of wood and write a welcoming message on it with paint. Even better, apply a coat of chalkboard paint onto any surface, so you can change the messages as the occasion demands. You can write inspiring quotes, or useful information (like your home number), or pleas – something along the lines of ‘Please do not ring the doorbell, our baby is sleeping.’ This way, your sign even becomes functional.

Bring Life Indoors

2Some details are so obviously ambience-changing, yet so easily overlooked. Besides adding beauty and colour to a room, freshly cut flowers also change the character of the space and can even improve your mood. They are the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to revive any interior. If you are lucky enough to have your own garden, you can use the power of flowers almost all year long. Make sure to cut or buy flowers that are still in buds, and strip the leaves off the stems, so more water flows to the heads, and they will last longer. A large vase with a massive bouquet has a much more powerful effect than a few separate stems, so think big. Feel free to mixed flowers and colour for an even greater visual impact.

Have Fun with Yarn

3We all have at least a dozen hand-me-down doilies from our grandmas that lie forgotten in some dark corner. It is time to take them out, because yarn decorations are hot right now. Give them their originally intended place on top of your tea table, or repurpose them to get innovative décor elements. Frame them, stitch them onto a pillowcase, or turn them into dream catchers, doilies will certainly lend a romantic touch to your home. Or play with yarn yourself. It is very versatile and offers practically unlimited possibilities. Make themed yarn decorations for various occasions (e.g. Christmas, the coming of spring, etc.). This requires just some yarn, a crochet hook or a pair of knitting needles, yarn bowls to keep your yarn from tangling, some of your time and patience.

Sweet Succulents

4Although live plants demand somewhat more attention if you intend them to remain alive, this should not discourage you from filling your house with them. Meet the succulents – the latest decorating trend of today, popular primarily for their low-maintenance properties. You may have the fingers as far from green as possible, and chances are you will still manage to grow succulents. Another reason for their popularity is that they come in so many varieties. Some might say that they are all so plain and simple. Nevertheless, all those plainnesses and simplicities blend together so well and create such a strong decorative effect that you will forget about all other plants.

We would like to hear what you thing about these ideas. Do you have any other ideas to share?