fridgeIt’s a well known saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where families spend a lot of their time together, and where friends usually congregate. The economic downturn over the past few years has seen more people entertaining at home rather than going out, and this, combined with an increasing number of chefs becoming celebrities in their own right through inspirational cooking programs, has triggered a nation of chef ‘wannabes’; people wanting to raise their skills to create culinary masterpieces akin to the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Tom Kerridge.

It’s no wonder therefore that there’s a demand for appliances to up their game. The high-end functionality found in professional appliances used by chefs in commercial kitchens is now being incorporated into domestic appliances, so that storing, preparing and cooking techniques can be emulated at home.

Arguably, the fridge-freezer is one major appliance which should be the first on the list when it comes to considering professional appliances. Your skills may rival a Michelin star chef’s, but it’s no good if the ingredients you’re using are not at their best.

Professional fridge-freezers, such as those manufactured by SubZero, provide a myriad of functions designed to store different foods at their optimum temperature and climate. For example, some of the functions in professional fridge-freezers include:

  • Antimicrobial air purification systems  – a filter which removes odours, bacteria and ethylene gases (which cause over-ripening), to increase the lifespan of fresh produce
  • Zonal refrigeration – different foods require different climates for ultimate freshness. In some professional fridges there are separate climate zones which are kept at a different humidity and temperature in order to keep salads and vegetables fresher for longer
  • Electronic system monitoring – the life of certain components, such as the water cartridge, is monitored automatically so that if they need replacing you are alerted
  • Temperature control, which ensures that it does not vary more than one degree from the thermostat temperature.

Despite their typically large size, thanks to technological developments, professional fridge-freezers are also extremely energy efficient, with some large American-style models using less energy than a 100 Watt light-bulb. This means that investing in an appliance such as this will pay dividends in the long run, not only by reducing food wastage, but helping save money on energy bills.

Professional fridge-freezers are designed with the high functionality deemed a ‘must-have’ by chefs in order to keep produce fresh and flavorsome for as long as possible. So, bring out the pasta machine and the pestle and mortar; you can be safe in the knowledge that your dishes will pack a flavorsome punch.

Article submitted by Juliette Raine, Marketing Manager at Westye – the European home of Sub-Zero & Wolf. To find out more about Sub-Zero refrigerators and the Wolf Dual Fuel range visit