Do not ask builders to clean after themselvesWhatever you think about builders, you should remember one simple thing – construction workers are not cleaners. So when the work is finished, they will most probably leave a mess. All the mess is left for you. And this is where the real nightmare begins. No matter what kind of work you requested them to do in your house, builders will not leave quietly and unwitnessed. Builders clean-up is not the experience you are looking forward to gain, but sometimes in life you simply cannot avoid it. And the last thing you should do is to call them back and ask them to clean after themselves.

You might have thought that you have come across very professional builders who can do the job and leave no mess after it. But it is a delusion that follows everyone who is ignoring the importance of after builders cleaning. Do not get overexcited about your renovated house or refitted office. Think about how to get it cleaned and spend less money and nerves. Booking a domestic cleaning service has never been that easy now when you can ask Google. But be aware that professional builders cleaning will certainly cost big money you might not want to spend on it. Do you still want to do it yourself? Then get ready to discover dust in places you would not even think of!

It is highly advisable to prepare for the builders’ visit. First of all, cover all electrical items with plastic bags or wrap them with something similar. Dust can get anywhere and often we cannot realize the damage from it just like we are unable to eliminate dust in the first place. Once the construction is underway, do not hesitate to do little clean-ups every day. Small amounts of dust are easier to get wiped away.

Do not ask builders to clean after themselves2Wiping is not the only way you can get rid of dust. You might think that sweeping the construction area is useless, but it is not really so. Although a brush seem to just shift dust from one place to another, you can still sweep it in the direction of open windows and it will get carried away by the air flow. You will have to sweep hard enough and probably will need a break.

Bear in mind that dust may cover not only the floor. Sometimes it sticks to the walls too. In this case you will require a wet piece of cloth to wipe your walls with. Be careful not to remove any paint from the walls. No matter if it is old or new, you will still have to extend the construction works.

Do not forget about the general cleaning tool – the vacuum cleaner. It will be helpful during your builders cleaning too. Have a run with it in the rooms where the builders could have gotten access to.

After all dusting is done, it is the perfect time for mopping! Use your mop with the appropriate cleaning product that suits your floor. Be prepared to do it several times to get rid of industrial dust completely.

Finally, try not to ignore tables, shelves and windows. Dust will cover them there as well. If you have got a specialized vacuum cleaner you should have a nozzle for special surfaces too. At this final stage you will still need to be extremely patient while catching dust with the vacuum from the corners.

Once you have followed all these tips on builders cleaning, it might be the ideal moment to plan your next construction project that would include a professional after builders cleaning service.