Owning a divan bed combined with a comfortable mattress provides you with plenty of comfortable nights’ sleep at minimal cost, which includes a couple of pull-out drawers beneath to stash your belongings and hide them from sight – far more space-friendly than a chest of drawers.

Broken Divan Bed DrawWhilst these popular bed types are affordable, they are often susceptible to damage from owners who are either heavy handed or, in my case, own heavy stuff. Unfortunately this DIY tutorial, like many, starts with a broken divan drawer – the result of me storing hefty camera gear under the bed for 5 years.

The side panels of the sliding drawer have remained in tact, which on closer inspection are made from chipboard. The bottom of the drawer, however, has bowed in the centre causing it to pop out of its fitting, making my belongings fall through the gap and into the bed’s hollow insides.


In this article I’m going to share how I repaired it back to its former functional glory so you’ll know how to repair your own drawer if you ever accidentally break it.


To Repair the Drawer You Will Need:

– a broken divan drawer

– a thin length of wood (1cm tall, 1.5cm deep, and width of the longest drawer panel)

– wood glue

– drill

– screwdriver bit

– thin drill bit

– 5 short screws

– 4 slightly longer screws

– small wood saw

– flat filing tool

Method of Drawer Repair

1. Measure the length of the bottom panel that has broken and saw the the wood to this length so you end up with a length of wood that slots perfectly underneath the broken panel and sits in line with the height of the sides.

2. Turn your drawer so that the front of the drawer is face down and flat on a surface. Apply wood glue/ PVA to the edge that has popped out and the grove in the back panel. Re-align the floor panel with the groove and push down, holding it for at least a minute.

3. Apply glue to the piece of wood on the side that makes contact with the floor panel. Press it to the panel and hold for another minute.

Repaired Divan Drawer4. Using the thin drill bit on your electric drill, create 4 evenly spaced holes that lead from the back panel and through to the new section of wood.

5. Replacing your drill bit with the screwdriver bit, drill each of the 4 long screws into the holes you made. Start with the inside two and work to the outside two to ensure the wood is applied evenly. Be sure that the screw heads sit flat with the back panel to prevent any catching or obstructions.

6. Next you will need the thin drill bit again and create 5 evenly distributed holes that lead from inside the drawer through to the new wood – in between the 4 you drilled previously.

7. Switch back to the screwdriver bit and drill the shorter screws into the new holes you made. Once drilled the heads of the screws should be flush with the drawer’s floor panel.

Repaired Divan Draw8. If any of your screws have gone through the wood and are exposing their sharp tips use a flat filing tool to blunt and smooth down the ends, making it safe and less likely to catch anything.

Voila! Your drawer is repaired and stronger than before.


Final Word of Advice

As tempting as it is to reload your drawer with all the stuff that broke it in the first place, I’d advise against it otherwise you could end up breaking it again. Instead, try loading it with lighter items like clothing or bed linen and find a new place for your heavier stuff.

Randal is an enthusiastic home design blogger from Essex who regularly contributes to the blog of Frances Hunt – an online retailer of quality furniture at affordable prices.