dandelionGardeners need not be discouraged by a scarcity of space because creating the perfect patch can still be accomplished, even if all you have is a lone window sill. With a few strategic tips on how to make a small garden seem larger, your plants — and your imagination — can thrive. Here are five ways to have a box perfect garden.

Detailed Entry Point

Even if you feel that your outdoor space isn’t big enough for a trellis, you can create the same effect by creating an arched entry by weaving strong but thin branches together. Tie them to posts on either side of the entryway and adorn them with vines for a sublime first view of your property.

Use Colour To Create Dimension

If you’re trying to make a small gardening space feel larger, try putting the most vibrantly-coloured flowers in the front while filling in the rest with rich greens or whites. This will add not only contrast but also depth to your garden, making it feel more vast than it really is. Beautifully designed gardens make use of color incredibly well, so try and spend some time thinking about colour schemes.

Keep lighting gentle

Soft outdoor lights create a relaxed mood and often make a small garden seem more warm and inviting. Intrusive large wall lights make gardens appear the size they are and we don’t want this when designing a small garden. The same interior design concept works with rooms to, dim lights create rooms filled with ambience and atmosphere while bright ceiling lights create the opposite.

Flexible Furniture

You may not want to take up so much of your precious space with patio furniture, but you can play around with the layout if the table and chairs are easy to move around. Consider a sole hammock or a small plant stand with a few folding chairs to create a seating area that doesn’t feel tight.

Grow a garden in a box

And even those homeowners with a small front garden have a space that many city dwellers only dream of. If you’ve only got a window sill to work with, you can still have plant life around to brighten your day. Use organic potting, such as hollowed-out coconuts, to plant varieties that grow well in small pots, such as African violets or cacti.