1Lofts are truly charming: they are like your own little castle up in the sky, and their endless flexibility allows you to experiment and use the space as either a studio, flat, guest room or a home office. Whichever purpose you have in mind for your attic space, decorating it definitely calls for a constructive and carefully planned approach: in most cases, you will have to rethink insulation, windows, space organization, and pick proper furnishings and cute accessories to round off the cozy look. Here are some tips on how to transform your loft apartment or studio into a place of comfort, peace and charm – hope you find them useful!


Warm and cozy: Insulation upgrades

Most attics are plagued by nasty draughts and less than optimal thermal conditions, so you can start your loft renovation by upgrading insulation and windows. If your attic has a large skylight, consider decking it with blackout blinds to keep summer heat at bay. Single-glazed windows with shabby wooden frames can be replaced by double- or triple-glazed alternatives for a snug feel during chilly winters at relatively reasonable price. You can also go for a fresh wall insulation number and add foam boards or fiberglass, spray cellulose, cotton, or rockwool batts to minimize your electricity bill over the long run.


Loft that fits your needs: Organizing the space

Another aspect of your loft apartment or studio which you need to take into consideration when refurbishing the area is space organization. Based on your needs and the loft’s purpose, create a floor plan and see whether and where you can divide the space using visual or physical barriers. If you want the loft to function as a single habitable unit, add area rugs to separate the room visually into different areas. Physically separating different sections of a loft studio or apartment will call for a bit of imagination and materials: depending on your needs and creativity, you can use drapes, open-back shelving, light panels, divider walls, sliding doors, upcycled wooden palettes or moving bookcases.


If the size fits: Picking furnishings for your loft

You will have to be extra careful when choosing furnishings for your modestly-sized loft: measure the height and width of the attic, decide on the overall color scheme and choose pieces that fit, not those you simply like. Attics with slanted roofs are a chronic source of homeowner discontent, as corners are usually too low to accommodate regular shelves or cabinets. Shop for furnishings based on loft measurements, not sheer visual appeal, and do not clutter your loft with needles furnishings as this can result in a crammed, stuffy feel. Also, take care of loft lighting: place regular or LED lamps with colorful shades around the room to keep every section properly illuminated after daylight wanes.


Accessorize like a pro: Add details that inspire warmth

Unless you are a hardcore minimalism fan, you will probably need a handful of warmth-inspiring accessories to liven up the ambiance. Use beanbags, vintage nightstands, chandeliers and ornamental details made from natural fabrics to add a note of style and comfort to your loft studio. You can make decorative bits yourself using scrap materials, paper, rope, or knitting supplies available from yarn shops. With just a dash of creativity, colorful fabrics, cardboard and yarn and a little spare time, you can create chic paper baskets, sofa covers, throw rugs and wall art worthy of a loft-locked craft master!

From scrap to superior, your attic can easily be transformed into a charming loft apartment or studio: all it takes is will, vision and a moderate investment. You already have habitable space up there in the roof area, so why not make it work for you?