image 1If you believe that it is time to update your bathroom’s overall design, then it is time to look into what vintage styling can offer. Though, you will have to make sure that you are ready to commit, as the transformation can be long and tedious, and there will be no turning back once you start. Moreover, keep in mind that spending your money on it will rarely be refundable as well.

Use What You Have At Home

Although many would think that vintage means old, there is a subtle difference, because it mostly refers to a Victorian feel. However, it should not stop you from going through your old things and finding chairs or even old chests which you can have in your bathroom. Just make sure that you clean them before though and coat them with protective varnish so that they do not get ruined by water.

Make Use of Mirrors

Adding a few decorative vintage style mirrors is almost mandatory because it will not only add a certain level of charm to your bathroom, but it can help in making it seem bigger as well. Though, there are plenty of ways how you can go about decorating with mirrors, which is why you need to try it out before you hang it, so that you do not have to drill too many holes. On the other hand, be sure that you do not have too many mirrors because they could actually make your bathroom appear smaller, and it will be hard to clean all the surfaces when it is time to clean.

Get New Flooring While You Are At It

image 4Nothing says vintage more than getting hardwood flooring. Though, you should look into the many styles you can choose from, because it will be very important, so that your flooring does not get ruined over time. Be prepared that you will have to spend some time on keeping your hardwood clean and safe from bathroom weather that could ruin it. Cleaning and varnishing should become regular, and you will ensure a healthy and lengthy life for your hardwood flooring.

Introduce Decorative Items

The best thing about vintage-style is that you can make use of all the decorative items you have lying around, but try to stay away from new-age ones. Be sure to stick to the overall Victorian feeling, which means that you should not have a lot of color, or at least not in a lot of shades. Furthermore, try not to clutter up your bathroom, as you will find it harder to move around, and to clean later on.

Changing the Fixtures

Installing new plumbing features and Victorian style tub will be a great opportunity to change your pipes as well. Furthermore, plumbing professionals can handle any blocked drains they find along the way, and you can make sure to learn how to prevent them in the future as well. You will need careful planning when deciding what new features you want installed, so that you do not have to take out and install new pipes every time.

Brining all the small details together and making sure that you are in line with your design will present a beautiful and awe-inspiring bathroom that many could be jealous of. However, you will have to carefully plan out every little detail, so that you do not make a wrong move while going about it, as you can end up having to pay a lot more than you first budgeted it out. When you are done, make sure to enjoy your new bathroom.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to home improvement and latest DIY projects.