shelfContrary to common thought, an expansive and lighter room go hand in hand and without one, it is difficult to create the other. A spacious room automatically looks brighter, while a lack of organisation can lead to a dull and uninteresting environment. No matter which room you are redecorating, creating space should be at the top of your to-do list in order to create a stress free environment. Here we give you the most common ways of creating storage space that will allow you to have a sense of space and brightness in the home.

When you are redesigning your room, try to create a room plan. This is a simple organisation method that will allow you to plan for any extra storage space that could turn out to be useful to you, letting you choose from different designs that complement your room the most. Without having a room plan, the process of redecorating can be doubled unnecessarily and you could end up spending more money than you need to.

Storage units are by far the most conventional and probably one of the most practical ways of storing your belongings. High gloss furniture not only creates a more spacious room but the reflective qualities mean the light in the room is enhanced. The styles and colours available mean the furniture is extremely versatile and can be used in almost every room. The furniture also has a lot of practical qualities and is very low maintenance, making it a good choice for both aesthetic and practical purposes.

In order to create a room that is bright and airy, there are a few tips you can follow which will ensure you make the most out of the light you have available. You must make the most of any natural light you have available, without blocking any windows in your room. Try to keep the windowsills clear, as clutter can block the sunlight from shining through the window, making the room look smaller and more cramped than it really is. A common way of increasing the light in the room is by painting any windowsills white as the bright colour enhances the light in the room.

Strategically placing a mirror opposite the windows will allow the sunlight to bounce off the mirror, reflecting in the room and therefore doubling the light quantity. By choosing the colour scheme of your room wisely, you can create the illusion of increased light. Instead of going for dark colours such as red, brown or deep purple, choose lighter colours such as cream and gold or light shades of green and blue. Research different colour schemes before you make a final decision to ensure you have the best one to suit your needs and the room you are decorating.

People usually fall into one of two categories and while some may like to have a lot of possessions and accessories around the house, others prefer a minimalist environment.