Anyone who has ever tried decorating their home knows the importance of color palettes. colors of your furniture, curtains, and walls should match or look good together, that is no secret, but what about exterior? Did you ever stop to think about the colors of your home on the outside? People tend to forget that painting their house white does not mean that the job is finished, and that there is much more to be considered and done before you can say that your home looks appealing.

Should it match the interior?

image 1There are people who are reluctant to have the same colors on the outside as well as on the inside, but it does not have to be the wrong move. If you have inherited your home and find it to be dated inside, color the outside first and experiment – you don’t have to follow old patterns anymore. However, if you are renovating and find wonderful color schemes for your interior, it is only natural that you want something similar on the outside. There are no rules here, you can improvise as much as you want until you are satisfied with the result.


Use the right tools

There are some retailers which will help you see how your home would look like if you choose specific colors: just take a photo of your home and use computer programs to change the color of your walls, porch, and shutters. Also, buying a sample paint colors is both an effective and inexpensive way to see how a specific color looks on your walls. Perhaps a certain shades of grey or yellow might not seem appealing at first but transform your home into a fairy-tale one in an instant. Use different computer programs, test colors, and sample paint cards to see which colors go well together and which ones you would like to try.

Details that matter

image 2 (1)You would never have guessed how important it is to have clean windows, polished doorknobs, and freshly painted mailboxes. A nice wreath will draw attention to the color of your door, choose wreaths and doormats in colder hues of green and blue if your doors are brown, or pick a cheerful one they are white. Draw attention to your garden with paths of stylish Geostone decorative concrete and strategically placed solar lamps which will cast soft light to your plants after dark. Also, it is a nice touch to have curtains that match the color of your shutters, this is discrete and yet very effective.


Eye-catching red

There are some who believe red to be too aggressive to be used on the exterior, save for the roof. However, adding a touch of red to otherwise ordinary (and dull) combinations of white, blue, and grey, can make a huge difference and accentuate some of the best features of your home. You can use it to highlight roof peaks, windows, and front door. You can also use it to define porch trim and make doors and windows really pop out, especially if they are white.

image 3If you have doubts it is always wise to ask a professional to help you choose the right colors, or simply ask your friends or family members. Also, details matter more than you might think, and this is why you will be making a statement with your front door, porch decorations, and garden. Don’t neglect the outside of your home because it matters as much as the interior.