After choosing a color scheme for your home, another somewhat intimidating task arises – deciding on a finish. With around 5 or 6 finishes to choose from, learning the advantages, qualities, and benefits of each is essential. Listed below are various paint finish options, with a goal of providing you with the proper insight to make a quality decision.

1Matte: Also known as a flat finish and typically used on interior walls, this finish features a completely flat surface, free from any sort of gloss. Matte finishes can properly conceal any noticeable imperfections throughout your

Eggshell: Eggshell finishes are the go-to finish for any room capable of experiencing high capacity or volume. Containing only a mere hint of shine or gloss, eggshell finishes pose a proper alternative to matte, as they will endure any type of regular cleaning or maintenance without damaging the coat of paint. When applying paint with this finish, only two coats of eggshell finish are necessary to achieve natural color.

Satin: Often used for windows, doors, trims, or ceilings, satin finishes typically have a smooth, silky feel to them. Much like eggshell, satin will also withstand any daily cleaning, making it a suitable choice for those rooms in your home that get a lot of use. When it comes to application, a single coat of paint with primer will do just fine.

2Semi-Gloss: Besides being extremely durable and washable, semi-gloss paint will generate a natural, organic looking shine. Much like its counterpart, satin finish, semi-gloss is relatively easy to clean, making it a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, or kid’s rooms. Also similar to satin, only a single coat of semi-gloss finish with primer is necessary for proper application.

Gloss: Though not typically used for home interior, glossy finishes are known for their plastic-like reflective qualities. As of late, many homeowners with interests in contemporary design have gone with a glossy finish on cabinets or trims to achieve a dramatic feel.  If you choose a gloss finish, be sure to sand down any bumps or cracks embedded in your walls, as the glossy finish is known to accentuate imperfections. To apply a gloss finish, simply use a primer and one coat of the finish to achieve natural color.

Remember that certain finishes will appear different on various surfaces such as ceilings, walls, trims, or cabinets. Use these tips as a guide for finish selection in your home. For more help with paint finishes, contact the painting professionals at CertaPro Painters of the Garden State or CertaPro Painters of Marlton-Medford.