Many homeowners like to equip their backyards with furniture which reflects modern design and laid-back outdoor ambient, without paying too much attention to exact patio furniture material. It’s ok if you want your patio set to be greatly comfortable, but if you also expect to use it for a longer period of time, than you must learn about the most suitable materials and their features. Following tips may help you decide which materials are the best choices for your outdoor nook:

Patio furniture made of steel

patio-steelSteel furniture can be great if your main requirement is durability, since steel features very long service life while it is also resistant to damages. From the aspect of stability, steel patio furniture can stand all weather conditions, but, unless you choose pieces made of stainless steel, you’ll need to apply anti-corrosive coats on regular basis. Due to its extreme heaviness, steel may not be good solution for furniture you plan to move frequently as well as if you like to often rearrange patio layout.

Wrought iron

Nearly durable as steel furniture, pieces made of wrought iron are moisture-resistant and especially suitable for rustic and handmade appearance. On the other side, you should know that wrought iron patio sets can be very heavy, not suitable for future adjustments and may require occasional cleaning of powder-coated surfaces.

Plastic patio furniture

If we exclude its susceptibility to breaking, plastic is great patio furniture material, since it is waterproof, light weighted, doesn’t have to be treated with special coatings and it doesn’t require complicated maintaining ventures. Apart from being inexpensive, it’s available in attractive designs, colours and textures, can be recycled, reshaped and moved throughout the yard. However, its durability is very low, so it may happen that you’ll need new furniture set every season.

Wood furniture

chairWooden furniture can come in variety of styles so you can seek for completely natural, intensive or classic look. Wood is very suitable for processing and shaping, so even if you strive to unconventional lines, there is timber designer furniture on the market that offers unique styles for sophisticated and extravagant appearance. The durability pretty much depends on exact wood type, where teak is among the most durable and weather resistant hardwoods with lifespan up to 50 years and natural oils which make it resistant to rot and easy for maintenance. Redwood offers decent durability and warm look, while softwoods like cedar and pine furniture, if properly maintained, can also be used over the years.

Aluminium patio sets

If you prefer metal patio furniture, aluminium which features lighter weight, easy maintenance and resistance to mould, corrosion and water, can be a perfect choice. Patio furniture made of aluminium is stable enough that it won’t change its shape, can remain outside without being damaged or overheated and it’s also very movable. Majority of aluminium patio sets come in contemporary design, what makes them ideal for modern yards. Although it can be a bit expensive, aluminium is excellent alternative for homeowners who don’t like heavy furniture.

Market abounds with variety of differently featured materials, where apart from patio furniture design and style, the comfort of your backyard space is also determined by the material you choose.