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Upgrading Your Home to Make it Safer

image 4No matter how much you work on keeping your home safe, there will be always burglar out there who will find ways to outsmart common alarm systems. You will have to stay one step ahead of them, and upgrade your home’s security so that nothing could happen, even if you are not at home. Keeping your family safe is a top priority and not something you should take lightly.

Windows Can Be Troublesome

Securing windows will take a bit of knowhow, and mostly depending on what kinds you have at home. One of the best ways to ensure that nobody gets in is to upgrade glass to a burglar-resistant type, which will make it not only hard, but nearly impossible to break in. In the worst case scenario though, any kind of window upgrade could give you a heads up that something is afoot and you will have enough time to react.

Be Sure to Make Your Garage Safe

A large majority of thieves can use your garage against you, because many forget how easy it is to get in without anyone noticing. But, if you make sure to follow some of the common garage safety tips, you will make it hard enough for any burglar to stop trying. The most important thing is that you need to make sure that any upgrade you install has to discourage anyone trying to enter so that they will quickly give up.

A Dog Can Mean a Lot

image 1Having someone around the house is an important part of any security, but in most cases you cannot be home at all times. However, if you have a pet dog, you can train them to act as guard dogs while you are not around, and it will be great as they will scare away anyone trying to enter uninvited. And on the flip side, they will be a good pet to play around in your free time.

Turn Your computer to Good Use

Surveillance systems can be expensive, and often they can be a problem to install, but, you can make sure of your computer at home, and turn your camera into more than just a device for video chatting. Though, you will need to invest a bit in storage space to have all the recordings in one place, and that you can make sure that you can review it later on if you notice something fishy going around in the neighbourhood.

Keep Dangerous Weapons out of Reach

While you might feel safer knowing that you have a gun in your home, it should be noted that you have to be extra careful where you keep it. Even more so if you have children, as they can find things around houses with ease. If you want to make sure that nobody gets hurts and you can safely store your gun in a place only a few know about, then it is high time you buy yourself one of the gun safes widely available.

Do not assume that your home will need only expensive alarm systems to keep your family safe, as even the smallest of tricks can do the trick. But, make sure that you do not rely only on one, because often it will not be sufficient, and any smart burglar will see through it, making breaking in a cinch. Sometimes all you really need is a way to stall a burglar long enough so that you can alert the authorities, and if you make it really hard for them, they might just even walk away without trying too much.


5 Burglar Deterrents You Should Consider

In the world of rising unemployment, financial hardships and economic crisis spreading and aggravating fast, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to illegal actions for sheer survival. According to recent research, home burglaries in the U.S. alone occur at 15-second intervals – that’s 1,440 home robberies a day, which is extremely alarming and constitutes a serious reason for concern and preemptive steps for any sagacious homeowner. To help you keep your house secure and your valuables safe, we bring you a list of five simple, affordable and highly efficient burglar deterrents to fortify your home protection.

1. Safety bubble: Strong window and door locks as home protection instruments

One of the best traditional ways to boost security of your home and keep potential thieves at bay, sturdy safety window and door locks constitute the first line of defense against burglary. If you want to convey your ‘Keep Out’ message effectively, try installing large, visible locks on your house entryways as doors and windows are the most frequently used target access points for thieves.

2. Call of duty: Contact local police for a security check

In their line of duty, most police departments have the obligation to help citizens prevent house robberies and counter similar illegal activities before it’s too late to remedy the crime. If you want to make sure your home is 100% burglar-proof, consider contacting your local police unit for a security check and tangible recommendations as to where and how your house may use an additional security boost.

3. All the bells and whistles: Install a reliable security alarm system

pic (1)Another convenient way to up your home safety level is to install a reliable burglar alarm. Security alarms available on the global market ranges from the basic siren alerts to the highly advanced alarm systems so finding the one that suits your home protection needs and budget should not be much of a problem. Also, when installing the alarm in your home, think about the possibility of connecting your security system to the local police alert register for automatic burglary notifications and immediate on-site response.

4. A close eye on the house and its perimeter: Security cameras

In case you want comprehensive home protection with no unexpected glitches or hiccups, try using one or several security cameras or a complete house surveillance system. There are many security cams on the global market that can be used either as indoor or outdoor home monitors, and thanks to the constantly developing technology, a large number of surveillance systems comes equipped with motion sensors, night vision capabilities, sturdy batteries and hefty hard drive so you can use them to record events 24/7 for several days in a row.

5. Safe as houses: Fool-proof safes for valuables and important documents

Even if a burglary does occur in your home despite your best protection efforts, that still doesn’t mean your piggy bank, important documents, jewelry and other precious assets are doomed. By installing a fire-resistant safe with a fool-proof keypad access code or combination lock, you can add an extra layer of security to keep your valuables safe from harm at all times. For an extra dose of safety, choose a heavy safe that can be bolted to the floor to make sure that eager thieves don’t cart it out for safe-keeping until they find a way to crack it open.

Optimal house protection is structured in layers like an onion: from the garden gates to your library safe, you should install as many security membranes as possible since a simple chain and lock won’t stop a thief on their determined household conquest. With security monitors, burglar alarms and strong safe for valuables, your home security should be decently fortified – but you can also experiment with other safety gadgets and gizmos if you want to raise the bar even further.

How Home Security Helps You Around The House

Home security systems can give you peace of mind and greater safety from break-ins, but there are other benefits as well. There are many lesser known features available in a security package that can help around the house.

Keeping The Kids Safe

In the modern world, older children often get home from school before their parents get home from work. While your child may not always remember to call you, a Eugene home security system can monitor when your child comes home from school and send you a text to let you know he or she arrived safely. This is a great feature to give worried parents peace of mind. These alerts let you know right away if your child isn’t where you expect him or her to be, giving you the advantage of time in the event that something has happened. It can also helps uncertain kids feel safer being home by themselves.

Saving on Your Electric Bill

How Home Security Helps You Around The House

Some security plans include automating your home’s lights, appliances, and thermostat. You can control your home’s electronics anywhere with an internet connection via your username and password, giving you the option to reduce the heat or air conditioning while you’re away and return it to a more comfortable temperature before you get home. These little adjustments can make a significant different in your energy bill, especially if you go on vacation. Control over the lights and appliances allow you to make your home look active and lived in whether you’re at home or not.

Deterring Break-Ins Before They Happen

Generally thieves will strike what looks like the easiest target. Having a sticker or yard sign that indicates your home has a security system may be enough by itself to get people looking for an easy mark to pass you by. Prevention creates far less stress and hassle for you and your family than thwarting an actual robbery attempt

Saving On Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Home security systems make your home less of a target, which makes you less of a risk for insurance companies. Getting a system from companies like Vivint in Irvine CA can reduce your monthly insurance bill by as much as 20% depending on the system and the policies of your insurance company.


There are a number of added benefits to a good security system. Try pricing out your potential savings in both insurance and energy costs to see what it’s worth to your family.

U.S. Cities that Have the Highest Home Burglary Rates

burglarBurglars are much more than simply thieves. They are invaders of privacy and can completely uproot your life. If your home is broken into, it can mean more than simply a loss of property. It can also mean a loss of security and that safe feeling of being home. While home burglaries happen in every area of the United States, there are cities where these burglaries are much more likely. Living in a city that has a high home burglary rate means taking extra steps to ensure protection of your home and family. Having a security system installed in your home for instance is one way to further protect your home from the threat of a robbery.

That being said, there are certain cities where the crime rates are very high. As far as home burglaries go, reports show that Houston has the highest rate of home burglaries in the entire nation. Houston is also touted as having the best economy which is the main reason that home burglaries are higher here than in any other city. FBI reports show that there were more than 27,000 burglaries in the Houston area within the past year alone.

Chicago is another city that is very high in property crimes. The Windy City reported more than 26,000 burglaries which makes it the second highest rating city for home burglaries with Dallas coming in a close third. Contrary to popular opinion, New York City is not the highest rating home burglary city in the nation. In fact, it comes in fifth after Phoenix and Los Angeles does not even place in the top five. No matter where you live however, it is essential that you know how to protect your home and your family from a robbery.

You should understand that burglars can enter your home and steal your possessions in less than ten minutes, counting their getaway time. In most areas, it can take police up to twelve minutes to respond to a burglar alarm so this means that a burglar could be in and out of your home and make off with your valuables before police ever reach your property.

Burglar alarms that are monitored can help to bring these numbers down a bit. Any time a burglar sees that a home has a monitored alarm system in place, they are much less likely to rob that home because they know that their chances of getting away are much lower. If your neighbors also have a home alarm system, it makes it much safer for your entire neighborhood because criminals are going to be much less likely to enter your neighborhood with the intent of entering a home when they know that homes are protected. Neighborhood watches are also helpful in keeping your home safe and deterring criminals from hanging around your neighborhood.

Whether you live in a city that has a high rate of home burglaries or in a rural area where they rarely happen, having a home security system gives you peace of mind. Not only do these systems help you to protect your home from burglaries, they can protect you from fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and a host of other issues.

San Diego isn’t a city that is known for its crime especially compared to other California cities like Los Angeles but crime is present and home owners living in San Diego can be benefited with a burglar alarm system. Click here to see more-

Put Yourself One Step Ahead of a Burglar

BurglarThese tips will help keep you one step – or even two! – ahead of any burglar.

Broken or open property shows weakness

Secure your doors. When a door or window breaks, always try to have it repaired as soon as possible. A broken door or a window that does not close properly serves as an open invitation to an opportunistic burglar. It lets the burglar know that there are gaps in the security of your home that he can easily take advantage of.

Avoid using ‘I Love Cats,’ or ‘Beware of the Dog’ signs

Burglars know that pet owners usually do not have burglar alarms. The fact that you have a pet such as a dog could give a burglar a clue that that your back door might be unlocked. So, no matter how much you love your pet, there is no need to have a sign that tells every passing stranger about it.

Ensure the front of your house looks imposing to a burglar

When the front of your home looks imposing to a burglar, he is likely to assume that the back is equally secure. By contrast, where the security in the front of your home looks weak, the burglar is likely to guess the back would be even weaker – and probably provides a more sheltered route for a break-in. For example, a burglar is likely to avoid a house with more than one lock on the front door and, instead go somewhere else where breaking in will require less time, meaning less risk of detection.

Ensure you always keep recent photographs of your home and its contents

If the worst happens, and your home is burgled , photographs of your property can be very helpful. They can provide a visual inventory of your home contents that will make it easier to list everything, especially smaller items that might be missing. Photographs can also be used to help identify property as yours if it is recovered by the police. And they are also helpful documentation for insurance claims. They provide evidence that you actually owned the item in question.

Keep your precious items in the most unlikely locations

Burglars do not usually take bulky items from your home. They look for small, valuable items that they can easily carry without being noticed or caught. Once a burglar breaks into your home, he looks in obvious places such as bedrooms for your jewelry, and purses for cash and credit cards. So be as creative as you can in coming up with places to hide your valuable items.

Burglars would like to know more about you

A burglar is always interested in knowing the next time you might be out of your home. A key place to get this information is the kitchen, where people often keep their calendar.

Be your brother’s keeper

Look out for others in your neighborhood. Take note of strange activities in and around other houses. Let your neighbors know when something unusual is happening in their home that they might not be aware of – or call the police. Join the neighborhood watch . Neighbors are more likely to keep an eye on your property and let you know of any strange activities if they know you are doing the same for them.