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Organize your home according to Marie Kondo

1One of the most important things in life is being organized, since this simple notion helps you immensely on a daily basis. What better place to start than your own home. Now, even though every one of us likes to brag about being independent and resourceful, there is nothing shameful about looking for help. Here, the works, ideas and principles set by Marie Kondo stand second to none. Here are some of the ways in which they can be applied to the organization of your own home.

Set a priority list

One of the first things that Kondo teaches us is that you should try and consider the feelings of your clothing items. Now, once you manage to blur this line between animate and inanimate, things will become much clearer. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to show absolutely every single clothing item the respect it deserves, but you could always do this for some of your favorite pieces. Furthermore, this will help you set a straight priority list and you would be wise to adhere to it in your organizational endeavors.

Folding is a better solution

Although hanging is probably the most popular option when it comes to organizing clothes, most of your clothing items would be much better off if they were folded. First, they would take substantially less room. Second, if you start organizing your closet drawers in this manner, it will get much easier for you to find your way around. Last but not the least, if you are ever in need to pack your bags quickly, you will save a lot of time on folding and will only have to fill the bags with the clothes you need.

Holistic approach

Some people believe that the best, easiest way for them to clean is to do it gradually, however according to Marie Kondo, this is seldom a good idea. The truth be told, most people are cluttering more quickly than they are cleaning, which means that you will be trapped in an endless cleaning loop with no visible result. However, if you take a bit more holistic approach and make whole-house cleaning schedule, this just might work. Needless to say, if you want something to be done properly, you must do it yourself.

Discarding is the key

3Sure, organizing and reorganizing is important, but if you keep hoarding stuff that you know you don’t need, all your efforts to de-cluster will be for nothing. Once you start cleaning you will be removing some items from various spots then placing them back afterwards. However, the most important part is that you shouldn’t return everything back. Some items need to be discarded, and only by being realistic about this part can you truly make a difference.

A practical home

Additionally, all of this cleaning will make your home look nice, but this might not be exactly what you were going for. There are some items that you need to dedicate enough attention to because of their sentimental value, yet there are some issues that need to be addressed for purely practical reasons. For example, you must always know where you keep what type of kitchen utensils. Every now and then, you will need them desperately and once this moment occurs you won’t have the luxury of spending precious time on a search for them. Keep them close (in hand’s reach), and keep them well organized.

By following all of this not only will you make your home much more beautiful, but turn it into more practical ambience as well. Regardless if you adhere to all of these advices, look for some additional ones or even discard most of them, every bit helps. This being said, organizing your home has never been more efficient and above all, more fun.

Curl Up & Get Cozy: Tips for Decorating a Loft

1Lofts are truly charming: they are like your own little castle up in the sky, and their endless flexibility allows you to experiment and use the space as either a studio, flat, guest room or a home office. Whichever purpose you have in mind for your attic space, decorating it definitely calls for a constructive and carefully planned approach: in most cases, you will have to rethink insulation, windows, space organization, and pick proper furnishings and cute accessories to round off the cozy look. Here are some tips on how to transform your loft apartment or studio into a place of comfort, peace and charm – hope you find them useful!


Warm and cozy: Insulation upgrades

Most attics are plagued by nasty draughts and less than optimal thermal conditions, so you can start your loft renovation by upgrading insulation and windows. If your attic has a large skylight, consider decking it with blackout blinds to keep summer heat at bay. Single-glazed windows with shabby wooden frames can be replaced by double- or triple-glazed alternatives for a snug feel during chilly winters at relatively reasonable price. You can also go for a fresh wall insulation number and add foam boards or fiberglass, spray cellulose, cotton, or rockwool batts to minimize your electricity bill over the long run.


Loft that fits your needs: Organizing the space

Another aspect of your loft apartment or studio which you need to take into consideration when refurbishing the area is space organization. Based on your needs and the loft’s purpose, create a floor plan and see whether and where you can divide the space using visual or physical barriers. If you want the loft to function as a single habitable unit, add area rugs to separate the room visually into different areas. Physically separating different sections of a loft studio or apartment will call for a bit of imagination and materials: depending on your needs and creativity, you can use drapes, open-back shelving, light panels, divider walls, sliding doors, upcycled wooden palettes or moving bookcases.


If the size fits: Picking furnishings for your loft

You will have to be extra careful when choosing furnishings for your modestly-sized loft: measure the height and width of the attic, decide on the overall color scheme and choose pieces that fit, not those you simply like. Attics with slanted roofs are a chronic source of homeowner discontent, as corners are usually too low to accommodate regular shelves or cabinets. Shop for furnishings based on loft measurements, not sheer visual appeal, and do not clutter your loft with needles furnishings as this can result in a crammed, stuffy feel. Also, take care of loft lighting: place regular or LED lamps with colorful shades around the room to keep every section properly illuminated after daylight wanes.


Accessorize like a pro: Add details that inspire warmth

Unless you are a hardcore minimalism fan, you will probably need a handful of warmth-inspiring accessories to liven up the ambiance. Use beanbags, vintage nightstands, chandeliers and ornamental details made from natural fabrics to add a note of style and comfort to your loft studio. You can make decorative bits yourself using scrap materials, paper, rope, or knitting supplies available from yarn shops. With just a dash of creativity, colorful fabrics, cardboard and yarn and a little spare time, you can create chic paper baskets, sofa covers, throw rugs and wall art worthy of a loft-locked craft master!

From scrap to superior, your attic can easily be transformed into a charming loft apartment or studio: all it takes is will, vision and a moderate investment. You already have habitable space up there in the roof area, so why not make it work for you?




Creating a Pet-Friendly Environment at Home for Your Little Buddy

image 4Getting a pet is not as simple as just going to the store and picking out what you want. You have to ensure that you provide them with a warm home and family members who will return the love. On the other hand, you will have to adjust a few things around your home to make sure that your pet does not destroy anything nor do they get hurt while you are not around.

Store Dangerous Items in Cupboards

Try to put away cleaning products and anything that might contain dangerous substances so that your pet has no chance accidentally spilling them and ultimately poisoning themselves. It is very important to use closed storage spaces to keep things out of reach. Bear in mind that pets will be curious creatures, and will wonder around the house to see if they can find something new. However, if you show them around and ensure that they are never bored, there will be less of a chance for it to happen.

Enhance Your Furniture

The biggest fear for any pet owner is that your furniture might get destroyed and if nothing else, they will be scratched or filled to the brim with pet hair. In order to avoid having to replace your furniture every week or so, invest in upholstery that will stand up to almost anything. You can choose from a large variety of available patterns, which will make it possible to combine and match with the ongoing interior design.

Protect Your Flooring

Either you look into how to take care of the nasty nails of your pets, which could be tedious, and if you are not careful enough, painful for them as well. On the other hand, you can choose from a selection of rugs which your pets will love, and it will help you protect your floor. Using a rug to create a small space for your pet inside the living room can be a good way to teach them where they can freely relax without being bothered.

Create a Cleaning Station

image 2You cannot keep your pets inside the house at all times, and when they go outside, it is most likely that they will drag in dirt and mud. To avoid having to clean up every time, it is best to set up a small cleaning station to clean your pets and to help them stay clean after as well. This designated area can be good for storing all the pet supplies your little buddy might need. Once again, be careful to keep everything out of their reach to avoid catastrophe from ensuing.

Create a Pathway

Make sure to create a kind of a pathway for your pets to move around the house without bumping into anything and accidentally knocking over things. It will take a while, but your pet will learn where they are allowed and where they will need to ask for permission. Be aware that dogs and cats are naturally curious animals and will love to explore.

Proofing your home will take some time and effort to complete, but you and your pet will be happier after, as you can be sure that no harm will befall them, and that they will not cause any problems. Keep in mind to monitor what they do and how they behave, because they might have found something to eat or drink which could poison them. With simple modifications you can ensure that your pet will have a warm and loving home they can feel safe in without having a single care in the world.

Ways to Upgrade Your Rental Apartment

Having a rental apartment turns into a real decorating challenge, considering the proprietor must be consulted even about the tiniest change. However, one should not be discouraged but feel free to consult the owner. A little change never hurt nobody and the owner would probably be open to some creative suggestions. If you lack inspiration, here are some of the creative decoration suggestions.

How to Decorate Your Little Heaven

DIY paint ideas from Kyle Shuneman; Mar'13; apartment interiors, portrait; PS=Miranda Jones

DIY paint ideas from Kyle Shuneman; Mar’13; apartment interiors, portrait; PS=Miranda Jones

It is always good to make some noticeable change in your apartment. Therefore, try painting the walls in some dramatic colour. You can paint only the living room, or an entryway or just the bedroom, or maybe an entire apartment. The choice is yours, so be creative and think big. If you are looking for changing the kitchen colour, try using a chalk paint on a door or wall, it will give the special touch to the apartment.

If you do not feel like making the mess of apartment just because you want a little change, a temporary wallpaper is the best solution. They are inexpensive, very practical and can be placed anywhere. Doors, walls, cabinets, or on any place you fell needs change and a little edgy touch.

Aside from painting the walls, the furniture including chairs and armoires could also use a little upgrade. Therefore, ask permission to remodel them and add a little bit more life into an entire apartment. Try to make the furniture colour go great with the colour of the walls. Eggshell coloured furniture and light shades of yellow, green and orange as well as pink walls would make a great combination.

Armchairs, sofas, and couches in fuchsia or some other vibrant colour are always a great option for adding a pop of colour to the apartment.

No matter how big the apartment is, it somehow always looks small. No worries, we have the solution – mirrors. They will visually enhance the space, which will be the crucial change in the apartment.

Nothing makes an apartment feel like home more than art and pictures on the walls. Hang art, your family photos or paintings you find attractive, and make your living room a comfortable warm environment. The photo frame sets are very popular right now, and this collection of photos would look amazing on the living room wall.

It is all about accessorizing, which leads us to curtains, lighting, rugs, and plants. Flowers, plants and greenery in general give some special note to an entire space. Therefore, place some flowerpots in windows, or in corners of the room and make the room look really alive.

image 4Add a touch of your personality in the room and replace the old lighting fixtures with designer lighting. Textured rugs and accent pillows will make the apartment feel like your own personal haven. Furthermore, install floor length drapes in front of the windows to add a little more decoration to the room.

You can never have enough space for books, frames, and knickknacks, so install wall shelves. Make them interesting by painting them in some attractive colour, or by adding a pattern to them. They will both be useful and look great in the room.

If you are living in a studio apartment, wall dividers will be of great help. They will help you divvy up the space or maybe to make room for storage, or some other possibility you had in mind.

Even though you do not own the apartment, the changes you can make in order to make it beautiful and comfortable for you are numerous. Just remember to always consult with the owner first, so you do not get yourself in an unnecessary trouble. Incorporate some of these suggestions into your decoration plan and I am sure the apartment will look fabulous.


A Simple Guide to Buying Furniture for Your Home

image 6Before your set out and buy your new set of furniture, you will have to set a budget, otherwise, you will be coming home with all kinds of different pieces which you might not even need. Although it will be hard at times, do not just go with your gut feeling, but consider the pros and cons of the piece of furniture you are looking at.

Make It Fit Into Your Design

One of the best ways to ensure that you find good furniture for your home is to look at what others have in their homes. But, that is still not enough to make it work, because you will have to make sure that your own design will be able to handle new furniture. Be sure to think about how you can combine everything, otherwise, you might not be able to enjoy it full heartedly.

Can It Fit Into Your Room?

Even if you fall in love with a certain piece in the store, you should not say yes to it immediately, and instead, you should take measurements before heading out. Otherwise, you might end up having your new couch sitting outside in the yard, as it cannot fit inside your home. Keep a rational head, and be sure to ask if some models can be remade to suit your measurements, if needed to.

Choose a Fabric That Will Last

The material used in some of furniture pieces will require more care than others, and overall, if you pick a fabric that will be able to last regardless of wear and tear, then you have made a good investment and made your home that much richer. Though, you have to think about the overall design you are going for, because not all materials and fabrics will be good to get integrated. The good thing is that you can get samples to take home, and to actually get a feel for what your new furniture might look like.

Consider Function Over Form

Your furniture should have a purpose, and it should not be to just look good, because then you have bought yourself some very expensive décor. Even though this does not mean that you should use it every day, but you should be able to enjoy your new pieces of furniture without having to be extra careful. After all, your home should be a place where you can kick back and relax, and not where you have to be cautious about every little thing.

Your Home Office Needs Good Furniture Too

image 2Many are already choosing to work from home, and even though it is good to use what you have at home to fit out your office, you will have to invest furniture to make your office more comfortable and presentable to clients. You need to look into ergonomic chairs as you will need one to be able to work seamlessly, and to be able to preserve your health. Your office should reflect a good work environment, and unless you have good furniture to show off, it will be hard.

Decorating your home and improving overall design will be a tough cookie to crumble, but with a bit of attention to detail you will be able to pick out the best furniture for your home. Do not rush into buying new one, as you might end up with something that you either do not like or something that will not fit into your desired room. Take your time and look around, because your perfect pick might be already there, but you just have not seen it yet.


What to Pay Attention to When Decorating a Living Room

image 1Where do you spend most of your time are at home? In the kitchen? The bedroom? Or the home theater? These all are popular rooms, but the one that takes the most of your time is the living room. This is where you welcome your friends, socialize with your family, watch TV or relax after a long day – in short, that is why the living room requires special attention. Even though most people have a tendency to ignore the living room when decorating their homes, others like to focus on it the most, recognizing its importance and the central role it holds. Here is how you can do the same as well and turn your living room into a focal point of the entire home.

Research, Design and Plan Carefully

First things first – you must know what you want to do with your living room before decorating. Are you up to repurposing it, or do you just want to introduce new furniture or, ultimately, do you wish to resize it? You do not have to follow anybody’s rules and do not be afraid to make up your own. At this point, you might also consult an interior designer or an architect who will advise you regarding your ideas and recommend which ones you should stick to and which are to be avoided.

No Clutter

Do not forget that your living room is only yours and it is not to be overtaken by your possessions. Therefore, do not keep too many things in it. Keep it clean, smart and simple, and remember that a cleaner look is preferred by many. It makes it easy to move around the room and allows you do appreciate what you have in it. So, choosing essential living room furniture and a proper number of decorations will be quite enough – it will look decent, visually appealing and, most importantly, not cluttered.

All of the Lights

Depending on how big your living room is, you should adjust the lights appropriately. While it is essential to let as much natural light in the room as possible – this, moreover, even positively affects your health as well – LED lighting should also be taken into consideration. With a few strategically placed lamps all over the place, your living room will constantly be bright, shiny and able to emit positive energy. Plus, if you use eco-friendly and environmentally-aware light bulbs, you will help save the planet, which is something we all need to do.

New Doors and Windows

image 9People are generally not aware how important having high quality doors and windows is until they realize that their existing doors and windows are rotten and cracked. That is why every good living room redecorating job should also include replacing old windows and doors with new pieces. Another thing a number of people install are bi fold doors that let an abundance the natural light in, which makes them a perfect way to connect your indoors to your patio, deck or porch.

Color Scheme

The perception of your living room will greatly depend on the chosen color scheme – too dark colors turn people off and make them uneasy, while bright and beige colors are enjoyed by all. Of course, try to color coordinate the color of your walls with your furniture, curtains and rug and create a complete unity.

Other Ideas

Among some of the other ideas for living room decorations are installing a chandelier or a fireplace and avoiding stacking furniture against the wall. If you have a small living room, you might want to think the decorations over a little longer, but the most important thing is to satisfy your own taste and preferences.


Elegant Eye-catching Office Designs

pexels-photoThe vast majority of people spend many hours at the office, which is why it has to be not only comfortable, but also aesthetically pleasing. Office design is definitely the reflection of business culture of a certain company, which is why it is crucial to do your best and choose the most appealing one. Stay with us and find out why office design is so important and what can you do to improve it in your own company.

Why is Office Design So Important?

In the first place, a company’s office design is very important simply because it reflects its business culture in the best possible way. Besides that, it significantly influences and enhances employees’ creativity, efficacy and productivity. Also, an extraordinary and eye-catching design leaves clients breathless, which is the best way to intrigue them and represent a company in the best possible light. Giving the impression of reliability certainly attracts them – and it is up to you to keep them later on. Here are some ways of improving your company’s office design.

Pet-Friendly Environment

You should definitely think about allowing employees to bring in their pets, especially if your company’s business is based on working with animals. This approach will absolutely brighten up even the dullest office in the world, and your customers will be thrilled to see that your company really runs its business according to its basic principles. This is a step towards building a small community at a work place, which will make you seem reliable and professional. Also, this innovative act will also enhance your employees’ creativity, making them more productive.

Add a Touch of Colour to Monochromatic Setting

Everyone will certainly agree that monochromatic office design really seems rather elegant and extravagant. On the other hand, it may look very dull at the same time. Adding a touch of colour will certainly improve the overall atmosphere and take it to the next level. Choosing elegant office chairs in vibrant colours, as well as interesting desk lamps and graphic posters will give an impression of elegance spiced up with modern details. Your customers will love this amazing environment simply because of its urban vibes that are an important part of our hectic lifestyle.

A Relaxing Coffee Break

fashion-coffee-time-lifestyleWorking for many hours during day is indeed frustrating, which is why company should offer its staff a possibility to relax and recharge their energy. Providing a special room for that is an amazing solution for dealing with stressful situations. A massive bookshelf filled with different books will certainly do the trick. Placing large, fluffy pillows and bean bags in front of it will make your employees more than happy. Those who prefer drinking coffee can do that, too – in the special corner that is designed especially for them. People who would like to stand and talk can do that at the kitchen counter, because that is where everyone comes and talks. This is really an amazing solution that will make your employees love their jobs.


As you can see, there are many ways in which you can enhance your company’s office design and make it more attractive to both staff and customers. It is true that a comfortable and pleasant workplace motivates employees and makes them give their best. Also, clients will see your company as professional and caring, because taking care of your workers implies that you will take care of them, too.


How to Design the Ideal Home Office

image 1 (1)Being able to work from home is a dream come true for most, but, it does not mean that you should just blindly rush into it. You will have to do a lot of planning, and you will have to make sure that you have space and time to set up everything so that you can make the most of your office. Remember that you need to focus on efficiency and work.

Pick the Right Spot

Working from home means that you will be rarely able to escape everyday hustle and bustle. To make your office really suit your business needs, you will have to look into finding a spot that will offer you some peace and quiet while you get to work without any interruptions. Remember that you should separate your work from your family life in order to be able to work.

Your Office, Your Rules

The good thing about having your own office is that you can really set your own rules, and decorate exactly the way you would want to. However, simply going wild with the colors in your office is not the answer, and you will have to look into what some colors bring to your productivity levels. On the other hand, you will have the freedom to use any color you would like, but as long as it makes your office presentable.

Use Technology As Much As You Can

Although it will be quite an investment to get all the necessary technical support for your office, you will need to do it over time. But, be sure to make the purchases in steps, so that you do not spend a lot of money at once. Make sure to master your technology as well, meaning that you should take advantage of the full potential a device offers, otherwise you might have bought yourself a very expensive book holder.

Let There Be Light

image 12Even though you should be aiming to let in as much sunshine as possible, you will have to install lights into your office. Btu, before you do so, consider your choices, and make sure that you use newer generation light bulbs so that you can save some money in the future, and that you can get more natural-like hue so that your eyes do not suffer too much. Moreover, be sure to have plenty of lights to go around, otherwise, you could be having dark spots in your office.

Make the Most of Your Space

No office has ever had enough space, and chances are that over time, you will be suffering from the same as well. However, to avoid having not room to pack your stuff, you should install plenty of shelves so that you use your vertical space. You will have to be careful not to cram your office with too many things, because you could end up with less space than with what you started out in the beginning. Furthermore, your aim is to clear clutter, and not to create more.

Make Your Office Comfortable

Even if you are working from a home office, you should not deny yourself from the comfort and office can offer. Try to pick out great and ergonomic office furniture, so that you can really create a space that will promote your business, and make sure to leave a good impression on your clients when they come over. If you are struggling with room, you can also look into getting double-functioning furniture which will help you out, they will be great as they will look amazing, and are able to hold a lot of stuff without leaving anything to the suspicious eye.

Your office should be a reflection of your work style and your business as well, and in order to achieve that, you might have to spend some time and effort on making it happen. Though, be sure to work on it continuously, so that you can upgrade and improve as soon as you see something good you want. Bear in mind that without a good plan, your office setup will only cause more havoc and clutter that will slow down business, and often lead to failure.


Aladdin’s sidekick works for you

2530906263_7417d6ed3c_bThere is nothing that brings out the dreamlike atmosphere of your home more than introducing a spirit of the orient. Allow your imagination to float to the mystical land of One Thousand and One Nights every time you step into your home simply by decorating it according to the oriental theme. Both Persian décor and Persian architecture have for years managed to stand for beauty that to most can seem simply too good to be true. Have Aladdin’s sidekick by your side and let him help you in search for orient which would transform your home as by magic.

Use cloth, a lot of it

If there is one thing that can easily bring the oriental atmosphere to a room, it is the abundance of cloth used while decorating. Add some wall cloth and patchwork curtains which will help portray the style of this eastern culture the best. If you can, get yourself a bed with baldachin. Let’s face it, baldachin is probably the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about orient. In the end, your walls can also benefit from interesting wallpaper filled with arabesques and other similar ornaments.

Get yourself Persian-like furniture

Real Persian furniture can be extremely expensive, so if your genie is working on a budget it would probably be best to get or make some Persian-like furniture. This means getting furniture made of rich dark wood with an aura of antiquity around it. Further accessorizing your home does not have to be that pricy. Some lazy bags in dark red or gold color can be a great addition to the theme. What is more, you can add some matching cushions to the mix and place them all over the room.

Enhance your space with a rug

The history of rugs is long indeed: from the hills of Armenia to the modern carpets in Manhattan flats, they have travelled far and long. However, one thing that can be said without a doubt is that by far the most important milestone on their path is the Persian rug. There is nothing that screams luxury and quality louder than a genuine Persian rug. So in order to turn your home into a proper palace worthy of a scene in the Arabian Nights, you have to add a suiting rug to this mix.

Decorate your home with candles

2946278792_a0c95a17fd_zLight is the key here. Although modern artificial light might be far stronger and more practical, when it comes to the ambience enhancement, candles are still second to none. Decorate your home with candles, and let their archaic dim light take your home on a journey through time and space. Using lanterns is always recommendable and your choice here is quite wide. It might even be a good idea to make your own Persian, or even Arabian lanterns.

Many believe that in order to make your home look like this, you would have to get aid from the genie of the lamp. The truth is that there is no genie that could ever match your imagination and creativity if only you decide put it to a test. In the end, you will certainly be astounded and revel at the sight of a wonderful dreamlike décor you alone helped come to life.


Cool ideas for boosting your kids’ room functionality

Cool ideas for boosting your kids's room functionality 1Regardless if your family expects a newborn or you already have kids, one thing is certain – your house must have lovely room where your little one will spend its happiest moments. Considering cheerful kids’ behaviour, their rooms are usually becoming a place where they build their own world, explore new things and enjoy playing. That’s why their nook should exude high level of functionality, and although some parents struggle to make their kids’ room at the same time functional and entertaining, there are actually excellent ideas to make that possible. So, take a look into some brilliant suggestions:

Create practical sleeping nest

Sleeping is key part of child’s development so bed should present the focal point of every kid’s room. Firstly, pay attention to the exact position of the bed, where it’s best to set it on the safe distance from room’s doors and windows in order to provide unobstructed entrance and prevent the cold air circulation around the bed. In case your kids share their room, consider adjustable bunk beds, since that way you’ll provide more free space for moving and playing, and once they grow up, the beds can be separated and switched into comfy teenage sleeping area.

Install roof illumination

You want your kid’s room to abound with precious daylight, but standard wall windows are sometimes not the safest solution. Large roof windows are excellent alternative you can apply here, since kids can’t access them, and they provide a plenty of natural lightning. You can install more than one roof window within your child’s room, where it’s great idea to consider double glazing options which are extremely useful for keeping the room warm, safe and greatly illuminated even during the coldest winter days.

Adjust closets and drawers

Cool ideas for boosting your kids's room functionality 2Turning a kids’ room into functional area is not limited only to furniture arrangement, but it also includes choosing the pieces which your child can easily use and organize. Since closets belong to the largest furniture in the room, try to make it more accessible by bringing shelves and hanging bars on lower level, opt for smaller closet or completely remove its doors. Also, if closet has drawers, make sure they’re easy to pull out and positioned at the bottom, but you can also raise functionality by including drawers under the kids’ beds. This way, you’ll save on space and allow your child to independently choose and organize its clothes.

Opt for functional shelves and tables

Kids’ room is and it should be a toys’ kingdom, but it’s on you to prevent a clutter and keep it as practical as possible. You can provide inspirational open space by building lovely wall shelves and fulfil them with easy to use boxes for storing toys and books, just make sure you placed them within the child’s reach. Instead of having a table in the corner, place it next to the bed so it can serve as a great spot for a lamp, a book or favourite toy.

Kids’ room plays important part of their childhood, and apart from being the funniest place where they spend time, there’s no doubt it must be organized and simple for usage.