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Unique Decorating Tips for the Whole Family

image 3 (1)Having kids is a wonderful experience, but eventually you come to terms that you’ll have to give up the stylish appearance of your home in order to salvage it from the clutches of your children. Fortunately, there are ways to refurbish your home in a way it will preserve its stylish look, but at the same time keep that family-friendly vibe. These few decorating tips can help you create a true family household without fearing possible catastrophes:

Choose Durable Materials

When decorating a family household, one of the most important factors to consider is the use of materials in every part of the house. Durability is the key here, as you’ll want to choose tough, quality and easy to maintain materials. When it comes to floors, the best solution is to opt for hardwood floors, but make sure to choose stain-protective carpets. Area rugs are always a good idea as they provide a soft and warm place for your children to sit on. When it comes to walls, you better prepare yourself for a lot of spills and messy fingertips, so it would be a good option to choose wallpapers, as they can easily be changed. Heavy woven fabrics and leather make the best choice for furniture as they’re durable and easy to clean.

Embrace Colourful Designs

If you have an affinity towards neutral colours and simple designs, perhaps you’ll need to reconsider your style choices. Children are visual beings and are highly influenced by vivid, bright colours and unique patterns. Certain colour shades can be quite stylish when combined properly and can greatly transform the complete setting of the room. The use of bold patterns, touchable textures and colourful designs also provide a good camouflage for possible spills and messes.

Create Zones

image 1 (3)Dividing your home into separate zones can greatly help you create specific play areas reserved solely for your children. This can help you perform your daily chores without worrying that your children will stay in your way. It’s also a good idea to consider creating individual zones for doing homework, playing or performing any kind of art. An open house design is a great family-friendly solution, as it allows a better traffic flow, helps connect different rooms and creates a feeling of togetherness.

Smart Storage Solutions

Being a parent means getting used to endless amount of toys, clutter and inanimate objects all around the house. If you wish to avoid following your children and picking up behind them, the best you can do is opt for some smart storage solutions. Colourful ottomans that double as a storage space are a wonderful choice, while decorative boxes always do the trick. Put some kid-sized dressers that will serve as toy storage or opt for some clever multipurpose furniture such as coffee tables that double as bookshelves or chairs that can be stacked as side tables.

Art & Accessories

While it would certainly be easier to ditch all the baubles and trinkets and keep your home free from any kind of breakable art and accessory pieces, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Instead of ridding your home from all these objects, you can always choose some safe accessories and quality homewares. For instance, frame your children’s drawings and hang them up as art or better yet, accessorize out of their reach. You can also choose to decorate together as a family, by creating mosaics, murals, collecting shells and similar trinkets, but if you wish to display a fancy vase or a glass figurine, make sure to put it on a higher shelf.

How many times did it occur to walk into a store, spot a wonderful piece of furniture or a decorative object and give up solely because you know it wouldn’t survive a day in the house with your children? Before you decide to sacrifice your style and give up on decorating as a whole, perhaps you should try to find some handy decorating tips that’ll work for the whole family.


Interior Design Trends for 2016

image 1Interior design is one of the best ways to express a person’s creativity and talent in space decoration. Luckily, every year brings along a range of diversity in colours, patterns and fabrics, and 2016 falls doesn’t fall behind.  From delicate shades, through bold tones and innovative patterns, this year will aim at being one of the revolutionary years in interior designing.

Textures and Patterns

Black and white patterns on floor tiles will never get old. They remain to be the key trend for a couple of previous seasons, and are still a huge hit. The use of geometric patterns, painted wood tiles and ceramics in combination with encaustic in both simple black and white colours and radiant spectrum of various shades is a huge trend this year.

Additionally, 2016 will be all about floral patterns. Wallpapers, fabrics, accessories, florals will be taking the centre stage. Three-dimensional patterns are also a style that emerged in 2016. Geometric 3D tiles in neutral colours will make a great addition to an overall kitchen design. Cushions, rugs or an accent chair are perfect items for experimenting with patterns, which 2016 is also going to be remembered by. A contrasting mix of stripes, florals, geometrics, and paisleys will make a breakthrough in 2016.

Finally, fresh nauticals will also be present in 2016. A combination of navy blue and white will look perfect in urban, coastal or country home. Stripes of different scales and density will give the nautical pattern a special and interesting look.


image 5The colours that will mark 2016 in the field of interior design are dusty pink and light blue. When matched with neutral or metallic tones they create the ultimate eclectic style. Marble, timber and copper in combination with dusty rose and light blue make a key trend in the 2016 interior design. They will give your space the perfect polished and elegant look.

We’ve already seen marble and copper in the previous year, and we can notice a rising popularity of monogrammed accessories, oak furniture, and brass accents. Additionally, for all the lovers of delicate elegant tones, pastels are still dominant for the colours of walls, furniture or accessories. Blue tends to take over the leading position in the colour trends, by being one of the bestselling this year. Denim, indigo and navy shades are a key trend, and combined with silver and white, make a huge trend of 2016.

The timeless white continues to be dominant in the interior design. While at one point, living rooms tended to have white tones, now the entire home is ruled by this colour. Kitchen is the new place where everything from walls, floors, cabinets and table setting is in white.  The perfect balance can be created with black accents and lighting fixtures.


image 3Authentic and timeless items like geometric shapes or artisan glass and various fabrics will provide your home with immense luxury, if you incorporate them into your home. Reflective and polished surfaces will be predominant, and in the combination with golds and brass, a space will have the warm and cosy feeling. A few accent pieces as brush gold hardware or gold trays will create an affluent look you’ll be proud to show off.

Mixture of materials is a real hit this year. Wood and marble have been combined in the previous years, and they are likely to stay in the leading position, while decorative concrete in combination with gold will be a revolutionary idea in interior design. Comfort will not be neglected this year either, designers have introduced faux fur as another trend, perfect for carpet, comfy chairs and bed covers.

A perfect material that will both look great and last long – Lucite – made its comeback in 2016. Tables made of Lucite will fit perfectly into a living room. A shelf, an end table, or a kitchen counter – Lucite gives you a range of various items you can incorporate into your home. Additionally, Lucite it is a low-maintenance material, alongside porcelain and engineered quartz that are joining the trends of 2016.

Playful, easy-going and artistic colours as Gold and Pink, Orchid and Blue will create the sophisticated, warmer and well-balanced ambiance in your home. The combination of diverse textures, noble and warm natural materials and delicate, sophisticated colours will make the 2016 a ground-breaking year.





Bang for a Buck – Decorating Your Dorm Room on a Budget

image 5Living in a dorm, or any other kind of other student accommodation has to be one of the best experiences a student can have. Not only because these are the places where you can meet a lot of interesting people or because they are associated with student life, which is in its own right pretty awesome. Dorms and apartments are usually the first places students can call their own homes before finally becoming fully independent. They deserve some love, don’t they? Let us see how you can make your accommodation as cool as possible without crippling your student budget.

Cool Artwork

Nothing makes a space instantly appealing more than a piece of art. Especially if that piece of art is chosen correctly. As for the dorm room, going too classy or, on the other hand, too on-the-nose would be overkill. So, if you’re into sports choose some imagery that will add a vintage feel to the room. If you’re into comics, drawings by Darwyn Cooke will have much broader appeal than some more contemporary-looking works. Same goes for the music, film, or any other kind of imagery you may be into.


Other very easy way to affect how a room appears is to change the lighting. Of course, no one expects you to pull off some major overhaul, but even something as simple as introducing small tweaks like new lamps or even new bulbs can go a very long way. Also, changing the curtains can drastically influence will your room fall more on the warmer or the colder side of the color spectrum. On the other hand, if you are more ambitious, you can take the matters into your own hands and create your own lighting.

Rugs, Carpets, Covers and Cushions

Although they appear otherwise, carpets and rugs are not that expensive, especially if you know where to look for them (yard sales, flea markets, web shops). They do, however, bring a sense of luxury to the space they occupy, so if you are going for the eye-candy you cannot go wrong with rugs. Choose some cozy and fluffy variety and your feet will be eternally grateful. Same goes for covers and cushions, sans the feet factor.

Storage Space and Book Cases

image 6Sure, equipping yourself with enough storage units may not sound like the most obvious investment you can make once you find the student accommodation in Sidney, Brisbane or any other major city and have tons of future expenses along the road. But it is a worthwhile investment, nevertheless. Not only they are useful, but once you populate them with the things you like, they can lend your room an immense amount of personality. Also, much like rugs, they can be found at a bargain price.


Plants are living and breathing beings. That is why they bring some sense of freshness, joy and liveliness even in the most barren and sterile looking spaces. Besides, plants are associated with a number of interesting benefits; improved mental health, ability to concentrate, quality of sleep and overall happiness being only some of them. And believe us, you will need all of that to pull off the studies.


Finally, simply moving the furniture around and creating few different hubs (sleeping, learning, gaming, working out…) and making subtle boundaries between them (you can use something as simple as differently colored rugs) can make the room appear much bigger and more functional. If you are sharing the accommodation with a roommate dividing the room in different hubs can be a life-saver.

These were some of the tips that will make your student accommodation not only better looking, but also more functional and healthier place to live in, as well. So, what are you waiting for, then? Make that dorm room as cool as possible and start your studies on the right foot.

Color Me Perfect: Curb Appeal Coloring Strategies

Anyone who has ever tried decorating their home knows the importance of color palettes. colors of your furniture, curtains, and walls should match or look good together, that is no secret, but what about exterior? Did you ever stop to think about the colors of your home on the outside? People tend to forget that painting their house white does not mean that the job is finished, and that there is much more to be considered and done before you can say that your home looks appealing.

Should it match the interior?

image 1There are people who are reluctant to have the same colors on the outside as well as on the inside, but it does not have to be the wrong move. If you have inherited your home and find it to be dated inside, color the outside first and experiment – you don’t have to follow old patterns anymore. However, if you are renovating and find wonderful color schemes for your interior, it is only natural that you want something similar on the outside. There are no rules here, you can improvise as much as you want until you are satisfied with the result.


Use the right tools

There are some retailers which will help you see how your home would look like if you choose specific colors: just take a photo of your home and use computer programs to change the color of your walls, porch, and shutters. Also, buying a sample paint colors is both an effective and inexpensive way to see how a specific color looks on your walls. Perhaps a certain shades of grey or yellow might not seem appealing at first but transform your home into a fairy-tale one in an instant. Use different computer programs, test colors, and sample paint cards to see which colors go well together and which ones you would like to try.

Details that matter

image 2 (1)You would never have guessed how important it is to have clean windows, polished doorknobs, and freshly painted mailboxes. A nice wreath will draw attention to the color of your door, choose wreaths and doormats in colder hues of green and blue if your doors are brown, or pick a cheerful one they are white. Draw attention to your garden with paths of stylish Geostone decorative concrete and strategically placed solar lamps which will cast soft light to your plants after dark. Also, it is a nice touch to have curtains that match the color of your shutters, this is discrete and yet very effective.


Eye-catching red

There are some who believe red to be too aggressive to be used on the exterior, save for the roof. However, adding a touch of red to otherwise ordinary (and dull) combinations of white, blue, and grey, can make a huge difference and accentuate some of the best features of your home. You can use it to highlight roof peaks, windows, and front door. You can also use it to define porch trim and make doors and windows really pop out, especially if they are white.

image 3If you have doubts it is always wise to ask a professional to help you choose the right colors, or simply ask your friends or family members. Also, details matter more than you might think, and this is why you will be making a statement with your front door, porch decorations, and garden. Don’t neglect the outside of your home because it matters as much as the interior.

Easy and Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Home

When someone mentions ‘home decorating’, most of us imagine a room covered in protective plastic sheeting, and piles of cardboard boxes lying all around the house. But home decorating projects do not have to be stressful, and time and money-consuming. Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination, and a few simple touches to revamp your interior. Here are a few ideas that will instantly freshen up any home.

A Warm Welcome

1What better way to give a warm welcome to your guests than with a nice welcome sign. Nowadays, you can find unique and chic, yet affordable signs in any home décor store or online. But if you really want to make it personal, make one yourself. Simply take a piece of wood and write a welcoming message on it with paint. Even better, apply a coat of chalkboard paint onto any surface, so you can change the messages as the occasion demands. You can write inspiring quotes, or useful information (like your home number), or pleas – something along the lines of ‘Please do not ring the doorbell, our baby is sleeping.’ This way, your sign even becomes functional.

Bring Life Indoors

2Some details are so obviously ambience-changing, yet so easily overlooked. Besides adding beauty and colour to a room, freshly cut flowers also change the character of the space and can even improve your mood. They are the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to revive any interior. If you are lucky enough to have your own garden, you can use the power of flowers almost all year long. Make sure to cut or buy flowers that are still in buds, and strip the leaves off the stems, so more water flows to the heads, and they will last longer. A large vase with a massive bouquet has a much more powerful effect than a few separate stems, so think big. Feel free to mixed flowers and colour for an even greater visual impact.

Have Fun with Yarn

3We all have at least a dozen hand-me-down doilies from our grandmas that lie forgotten in some dark corner. It is time to take them out, because yarn decorations are hot right now. Give them their originally intended place on top of your tea table, or repurpose them to get innovative décor elements. Frame them, stitch them onto a pillowcase, or turn them into dream catchers, doilies will certainly lend a romantic touch to your home. Or play with yarn yourself. It is very versatile and offers practically unlimited possibilities. Make themed yarn decorations for various occasions (e.g. Christmas, the coming of spring, etc.). This requires just some yarn, a crochet hook or a pair of knitting needles, yarn bowls to keep your yarn from tangling, some of your time and patience.

Sweet Succulents

4Although live plants demand somewhat more attention if you intend them to remain alive, this should not discourage you from filling your house with them. Meet the succulents – the latest decorating trend of today, popular primarily for their low-maintenance properties. You may have the fingers as far from green as possible, and chances are you will still manage to grow succulents. Another reason for their popularity is that they come in so many varieties. Some might say that they are all so plain and simple. Nevertheless, all those plainnesses and simplicities blend together so well and create such a strong decorative effect that you will forget about all other plants.

We would like to hear what you thing about these ideas. Do you have any other ideas to share?


A Guide to Converting Your Home to an Led Haven

image 2Led by current trends that promote energy efficiency as one of the most important eco features, more and more people turn to LED lights. However, this shift is still not as massive as one could expect in 2016, mostly because the majority of us still expect dim, hospital-like lighting from LED technology. This is a wrong assumption, since the production process has improved significantly over the last few years. So, here are some updated basics that every homeowner needs to know about LED lighting.


Lumen-watt ratio

As a result of advancements in the lighting industry, today the difference between watts and lumens plays an important role in the quality of lighting. When we used those old-style incandescent bulbs, the only feature we cared about were watts. The main difference was the power of the bulb, while the color of the light was almost the same for all such bulbs. However, LED bulbs bring an additional feature – lumens. While lumens have always been used as a unit of luminous flux, they have entered our everyday lives only as an important distinctive feature of LED bulbs. So, the color and intensity of these bulbs will depend on the number of lumens. The more lumens you get per watt, the more efficient your LED bulb is. Users should simply read the labels on LED bulb packages and try the bulbs in the store to make the most energy efficient choice. Also, find out more about watts and lumens.


image 3All-inclusive approach to LED

Now that we have learnt how efficient and advanced those modern LED solutions are, it is time to start replacing your old incandescent and halogen lights with those new ones. You should not wait for the old bulbs to go off, but remove all of them at once. If you think that it would be too expensive to apply such an all-exclusive approach to your old bulbs, have a look at the following analysis. For instance, a 5W LED piece is expected to last for about 24,000 hours, in comparison with a 50W halogen bulb, which has a lifespan of about 2,000 hours. Also, the former will use about 9kWh per year, while the latter will waste more than 90kWh annually. When you sum up all the electricity wasted by your old-fashioned bulbs, it is clear that you should free your home from them as soon as possible. The first electricity bill after the purge will show you why it was necessary.


To use or not to use them outdoors?

Since these lights are more sophisticated than their halogen and incandescent ancestors, some people have some reasonable doubts when it comes to the outdoor use of LED lights. If we know that LEDs are sensitive to heat, it is logical to ask how they will operate in low temperatures. It turns out that these lights handle the cold weather quite well. In fact, lower temperatures contribute to their efficiency, but only up to some extent. Too extreme conditions can damage some elements of LED bulbs. To avoid such an outcome, new users of these lighting solutions should get more information from the manufacturer on their performance in colder conditions. There are certainly LEDs that can serve well as outdoor canopy lights or porch LED fixtures in winter months, too. However, they might cost a little bit more than average LEDs, but this investment will definitely pay off.


The LED technology is definitely the technology of the future. It is a clean, resource-saving option that should be used as much as possible by modern homeowners. So, join the LED team and make your home an energy efficient, bright property.

Trends in Interior Design to Expect in 2016

Design trends are constantly evolving when it comes to everything and the modern home is no exception. If you look back at each decades’ design, you’ll notice a great deal of change over the course of centuries. In order for you to be able to perceive what you can expect from modern home designs in 2016, we’ve come up with this article, to keep yourself updated. Modern life is getting increasingly busier and more pressured, which is why our humble abodes have become our own sanctuaries. Everything is getting increasingly centered around simplicity and serenity, so 2016 has a lot to offer in terms of seamlessness.

Round Furniture

roundThe new home design trends of 2016 are dictating more round furniture. Rectangular shapes have been dominant for quite some time now and it is about time the design trends spotlight moves onto round tables and furniture. Ever since the inception of the idea of equality in stories about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, it has been celebrated and used in itself in order to describe a warm atmosphere of acceptance and, well, equality. Smooth edges dictate tranquillity – something greatly desired in the business of the modern world. When you’re coming up with ways to provide yourself with a calming interior design, expect to see more round designs in furniture in 2016.

The Recycling of the Industrial Look

industrialThe simple complexity of the industrial look is an amazing thing. To explain the previous sentence further (yes, I know it sounds presumptuous), while the simple part is outlined in the fact that one material is used for the most part, the complexity here revolves around all the bolts, screws and details that can be found with this design. The industrial design is somewhat of a fad nowadays and is expected to reach the status of a full-blown “trend” in 2016.


While on the subject of metals, 2016 is expected to excel in terms of those that have a warm appearance. This tends to be particularly effective in terms of kitchens and bathrooms and brass, copper, gold and rose gold was dominant even throughout 2015. Although trends tend to change (which is the whole point of the world itself), quality materials such as warm metals will never really quite go out of style, which means that this is more than a great investment for your home. Make sure you set your eyes on non-corrosive materials and you can rest assured that your house will look chic enough to inspire a lot of approval from your guests, while paying perfect compliments to the seamless indoors lifestyle of a 21st century modern human being.

Living Rooms

Modern Apartment Interior Design

Modern Apartment Interior Design

Although not a trend in itself, living rooms in general have way too much details to divide them into separate categories. For starters, you can expect extra-large-format tiles to enter your modern living room. Real, or makeshift fireplaces can be perfectly complemented with large tiles, predominantly with black color. When it comes to wallcoverings, it is general advised to approach with similar extra-large-tile design in mind.


Four words come to mind, in terms of 2016 interior design “colored stainless steel appliances”. These tend to look classy, without irradiating an uptight feel – steel is more than often a sign of reliability and functionality. Opt for matte finishing as a symbol of luxury.

All in all, not too many changes are expected to occur in the 2016, other than the increased encouragement of last year’s trends. The mentioned are merely the cream of designs that you can expect to see in 2016, when it comes to everything else, well, time will tell!


The New Face of Chic Living: African Interiors

1 (1)In our constant search for new and interesting ways of adding color and print into our homes, we have gone back to the basics by bringing back the traditional African art and decor. It all started with music and fashion, slowly translating into art, with so many artists including Picasso being inspired by Shona stone sculptures from Zimbabwe and other African heritage.  Finally finding its place in interior design.


Having an Africa-inspired interior has become more than just a design statement, it is now an irreplaceable part of most decorating portfolios. Even the most famous decorators, have now and then produced amazing African interiors that are now being enjoyed by the wealthy house owners.


There are several tricks to having perfect African Interior. Color, print and most importantly temperance. In this article you will learn the three most important tricks to achieving it.


Most of us often opt for our safety net tactics, opting for pale and seamless background, and then adding color through furniture and art pieces. If you own a property with enough light and space, you can afford to turn an entire wall into an art piece by adding painting it in colorful prints, adding African pattern wallpapers or framing it with striking curtains inspired by African culture. With the introduction of colorful African patterns, you are setting the tone for the entire space and from there you can continue your interior design.


Another great way to introduce African spirit into your home is by adding several perfectly placed furniture pieces. be it a skin rug or an armchair with African motifs painted in bright colors. Another great piece of furniture is a coffee table with integrated animal or sculpture design. By placing the perfect piece in the just the right place in the room, you will be able to enhance the strength of African decor, while making a strong style statement. Whatever you choose, be sure that it will make an impression on your guests.

Prints and patterns

2 (1)Another important part of this type of interior design are the Africa-inspired textile patterns. For many years both interior designers and buyers in general were afraid to incorporate these types of fabric into home decoration. Partly due to the bright colors and colorful prints that sometimes completely take over the room, and partly because they saw a challenge in mixing them.


All of this had changed, you can see more and more African pattern fabrics invading the homes of everyday people, from bed covers to table cloths and curtains. The interior designers have changed their approach and started mixing the patterns and colors thus creating a beautiful synergy of shapes that just brightens up a room filling it with positive energy.


The final and most important advice is not to go overboard. You should have one African-inspired room in the house but not the whole house. Another thing to avoid is mixing cultures and design, like adding a Buddha statue to an Africa themed room. This makes a room more kitsch and cluttered. Choosing a definitive design option and working towards realizing it can sometimes be the best solution.
Another aspect of African interiors that demands moderation is the number of items per single room. The most common mistake that most make is to have every single piece in the room ethnic. This can make a room seem more like a shop than a beautifully decorated space. The best option is to mix and match, keeping some of the more modern pieces that are relevant for the space and just adding the right African elements to complete the picture.


Finally, don’t forget to have fun with it. African interiors are meant to be a breath of fresh air in any home. Bringing the feeling of energy, music and color from the old continent into our modern lives. By adding a few Africa-inspired pieces of furniture or linen into your rooms you are sure to make the living space more pleasant and the people living in it or visiting much happier.

By following the ideas and pointers presented in this article there is very little room for error left. The most important lesson is bravery in mixing colors, patterns and shapes, leave the comfort of your everyday life and experience the African wild with the amazing strength that comes from Africa-inspired   interior design ideas.


Ideas for animal themed decoration of kid’s rooms


If your child is an animal lover, designing this kind of room is definitely a dream come true for him/her. Your child will be ecstatic as there are so many options to choose from and you will certainly find the perfect room for him/her. From wall decorations and rugs to lighting down to decorative accents, select the favorite elements for this fantastic type of kid’s room.

Floor decor

Starting from toddlerhood, your child will spend more and more days on the floor playing. Since he/she will play on the floor daily, you need to make sure the child is comfortable and warm. On the other hand, a rug is the perfect room element for animal-themed rooms. A Sherwood Forest kid’s rug is an ideal rug with the unbeatable combination of cold colors. The rug features a neutral palette of blue, green, gray and brown colors on a cream background and it is the perfect match for walls or wall decals in warmer colors. On the other hand, choose a rug with warm colors such as orange, red and yellow and tone down the room with cold colored walls. Pay attention to the material of the rug. The organic wool or cotton will be the best for your kid.

What’s on your walls?

Wall decals are a simple but effective way to introduce the animal theme into the room. Pay attention to the combination of the warm and cold colors. For example, you can choose a neutral wall background such as gray on which you can apply this wall decal with cute animals in cheerful and bright colors. You can also opt for a wallpaper pattern you can apply on one entire wall. Choose a fun wallpaper with bright colors and leave other walls in white or beige. The animal inspired wall clock made of wood is the perfect wall decoration as it is both functional and eco-friendly. You can even choose canvas wall art if you want to have neutral walls. Mini photo galleries of your child and your pet(s) can be a great way to personalize the room. You can also add monkey images to your book shelves, making them seem like they are climbing, and invent stories about each of them for your child to enjoy before bedtime.

Let there be light

Having as much natural lighting as you can in the kid’s room is the crucial point while designing the room, which brings me to curtains. Using animal-themed curtains is a fantastic idea of incorporating the theme into the room. However, maybe the best option is to keep all the rest in the room simple, with only three colors: brown, white and green. If you keep the animal-inspired curtain fairly simple, add interesting details such as bunny or bird finials. Ceiling fixtures and reading lamps can brighten up the neutral-colored room as well.

Lay your head down

Pillows are an excellent way for introducing the animal theme. Choose warm colors of pillows in an otherwise cold colored room or choose pillows in neutral color in a bright and colorful room. Choose bed or crib sheets with the animal theme to complete the design of the room. Another fun way to decorate your kid’s room is opting for baby blankets and diaper bags which have animal print on them. If your kid adores owls, apart from cute owl-shaped pillows, find a coat rack with an owl on top or an owl coat hook which can even be your DIY project. If your child has too many little figurines, incorporate them as a part of decorations which have specific functions in the room. Make candle holders, photo stands or handles on drawers using them. Did you know that a stuffed animal can become a curtain holder? If you are into crochet, what better way is there than making an amigurumi monkey curtain holder?

Be creative. Let your imagination go wild. I hope you will be inspired by our recommendations and that they can help you design a unique room for your child.



7 inspiring ways to make your home feel more comfortable

2315705263_887edcd3c3_oSome people say that home is the place we are living in. There is no need to point out how grossly inaccurate that is – great number of people lives in student dorms, and they will find very difficult to call it a home. No, home is the place where we feel safe, relaxed, and tucked in. In other words, home is the place where we feel comfortable. If we are not feeling comfortable and safe, our homes are nothing else than our prisons. Let us see then what you can do to make every return to your home a happy one.

  1. Clean Your Home

And we are not talking only about the regular cleaning duties like dusting and taking the garbage out. We are talking about removing everything you do not need. And there are a lot of such things. Try taking out literally everything that is inside and then returning only the things you find absolutely necessary. You will see just how many things will be left outside. Of course, if this sounds too intimidating, you can always find some effective cleaning service to help you pull this off.

  1. Cover Your Floors With Cozy Rugs

living-room-1157051_960_720Now that you have created some space it is time to populate your home with the things that will make it a more pleasant place to live in, and is there any better way to startthat than by giving your feet a long deserved love? Yes, there is nothing worse that starting your day by touching the cold hardwood. Cover it with some pleasant shaggy rugs.

  1. Create a Nook

Reading nooks are probably the most widespread variety, but if reading is not your cup of tea, you may create yourself music nook, gaming nook, movies nook, or whatever other nook you find the most enjoyable. The most important thing is that you will have your own comfortable corner where you will be able to enjoy the things you like the most.

  1. Give Your Home a Knitted Makeover

There is something inherently cozy, warm, and almost Christmas-like about everything knitted. Why would you not then give your home a knitted makeover and grace it with those exact qualities?Knitted chair will be more comfortable to sit on, knitted chair legs will not scratch the floor, knitted dresser pals will provide you with more stylish storage space, and they will all make your life if just a little bit easier.

  1. Let there Be Light

Let us first mention that 95% of power consumed by regular incandescent bulbs is converted in heat rather than light, so unless you want to have the most inefficient heating in the world, replacing them with LED alternatives seems like a matter of common sense. While you are doing that, do not miss a chance to put some interesting twist on the way your house is lit and spice things up a bit.

  1. Cover Your Walls With Wood

fireplace-558985_960_720If you like rustic things and spending time in nature, covering your walls with wooden panels will lend your home a cottage-like charm and make you feel like you are in some remote mountain while you are there. Of course, if you are ready to sacrifice a little more space, you can use panels to cover up thermal insulation, which will bring you a lot of joy in the times of uneven climate.

  1. Take Care of the Colors

You cannot possibly feel comfortable in your home if it is not painted in the colors you like. Now, it is recommended thatyou surround yourself with the colors coming from the warmer paletteduring colder months and vice-versa. Since it is very hard to pull this off on a large scale, make your walls and large furniture pieces as neutrals as possible and save the seasonal makeovers for rugs, carpets, blankets, curtains, etc.