Green Ideas

Sprucing Up Your Home’s Energy Efficiency for Spring

As the weather begins to warm up, many homeowners will start performing more tasks around the house thanks to the extra hours of daylight. If you have plans to spruce up your home this spring, add the below items to your to-do list. These tips will help your house perform more efficiently for you all year long. Stay Cool Installing ceiling fans can help keep your house cool without continuously running the air conditioning. Fortunately, many new homes come pre-wired…

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Sustainable and Eco Friendly Home Design Ideas

If you are able to incorporate sustainable home design ideas then this isn’t just right for the wallet, but also the environment. An eco-friendly designed home relies on a wide range of renewable sources in an effort to limit its reliance on energy and water. Here are several options for restricting your carbon footprint at home:   Using environmentally-friendly doors and windows If you’re looking at replacing the doors and windows you might want to look for those that are…

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