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Garage Maintenance and Organizing

garage-full-of-stuffIf you’re like most busy people, you hurriedly put items you don’t use often in the garage and promise yourself that you’ll organize them all later. Only when you find yourself wasting half a day searching for one of those items do you realize that later has finally arrived. You also realize that many of the things you encountered while searching for that item haven’t been used in years. If you’ve accumulated so many things over the years that you’re overwhelmed by just the thought of organizing the garage, there are a few steps you can take to make it more manageable.

Plan a Garage Sale

Although it may be tempting to consider putting the whole garage up for sale rather than organizing it, selling those unused items will put some cash in your pocket while freeing up space. It’s also a great feeling knowing that they will continue to be put to good use and enjoyed by others. As with any big project, breaking it down into small steps gives you a sense of satisfaction after accomplishing each step. The first step in planning a successful garage sale is making sure the garage is safe for all of your potential customers.

Since garage sales are an enjoyable family activity for many people, you should remove any toxic substances or place them on high shelves out of the reach of young children. Most people don’t think about it, but regular inspections and maintenance of your garage doors is also an important safety measure. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that approximately 20,000 injuries are caused by garage doors every year, and many of them are suffered by children. Garage sales are a great way to meet new neighbors and your community will appreciate your consideration for their safety. They’ll also appreciate your generosity when you donate those unused items that don’t sell to one of your local charities.

Extra Storage

If you find that even after your successful yard sale, there still isn’t enough room in the garage for your car, it may be time to consider additional storage space. After celebrating your success, you can use the remaining cash from your yard sale to buy an external storage unit or two. Your backyard is the perfect place to store all those treasured items with sentimental value that you don’t use but can’t bear to part with. Having all of the things that mean the most to you in a weatherproof storage unit designed to be an extension of your home will also encourage more frequent family strolls down memory lane.

Storage units can now be custom built to your size specifications, so even larger family heirlooms such as paintings and unused furniture can be stored in them. Being able to store yard maintenance items like lawn mowers, shovels, and gardening tools separately creates more space for doing what people love to do most in their garages—pursue their hobbies. Whether it’s wine-making, rock polishing, or playing in a rock band, replacing items you don’t use with items you do use can make life a lot more enjoyable. It may even lead to a new career.


Storage lockers are another great tool for organizing—and staying organized. Each family member having their own storage locker can provide added security and greater sense of privacy while encouraging responsibility. Besides organizing, they’re also a great tool for teaching children the importance of properly caring for their possessions. Items not put away properly after use can be locked up in the “common” locker for a time as a reminder.

As a bonus, private storage lockers can also reduce the number of potential conflicts between siblings. Every parent has heard “Mom! Dad! He’s getting into my stuff again!” Organizing a garage can be a major undertaking. If it’s done well, it may never have to be done again. Selling unused items, creating extra storage space, and making each family member responsible for their own things can help make this garage organization the last.

Time and money invested in organization reaps the most valuable return on that investment possible—more time– and time is the best gift we can give ourselves and one another.

Tips on Turning Your Garage into a DIY Haven


image 3It is necessary for those who need the room to work on projects and to hone their handyman skills, to have their own space. Often it is impossible to find a spot that’s good enough in your home, so turn your garage into a small workshop, and let your creativity flow. However, before you start transforming a part of your garage, be aware that you should first carefully plan what will go where to avoid disorder.

What Kind of Flooring Do You Have?

In order to be able to have the perfect workshop in your garage, you need to check if the flooring is suited for handiwork. Keep in mind that you are going to drill, paint, and saw a lot, which could leave particles behind, that could damage your floor. Opting for a concrete floor will allow you to wash off any leftovers without a problem.

Keep Everything Clean

Clutter in the garage will be your worst nightmare, especially when you want to find some of your tools fast. Cleaning up after working in the workshop can be problematic as most people often skip it, and it contributes to creating even more chaos. However, you can install a central vacuum system to help clean up with ease. It is going to be a necessary improvement in your garage if you want to keep your workstation clean and in order.

Refresh Your Electrical Wiring

image 2Once you set up your workshop, you will be using a lot of electricity. When using power tools, you need to ensure that the grounding is working properly, to avoid ruining them. Moreover, make sure that you have plenty of outlets, so you can have all your equipment plugged in. Just keep in mind that you should not overload the electrical system in your home, or you will be changing fuses quite often.

See What You Are Doing

Chances are that you need to upgrade your garage’s lighting to be able to work seamlessly. Try to change the old lights and invest in new lighting, otherwise, your workshop will be usable only during daytime. Get a few smaller focus lights as well, to help you with delicate and precise work.

Install Ventilation in Your Garage

It will not be possible to have the garage door open at all times, meaning that if you are working with heavy-duty power tools, you might not get enough air. Unless you have a good ventilation system installed, you will not be able to work at your workshop efficiently, as you will frequently have to get out and take a breather. You can even invest in a dust collector to help you maintain the fresh air in your garage while working.

Make Room for Storage

image 1Storing things in the garage is problematic enough on its own, and it is going to become an even bigger problem once you set up your workshop. Nonetheless, you can make use of your walls and choose from various shelving solutions to help you store everything without creating a clutter. Also, it is going to be much easier to find all your tools and materials (when working) as everything will have its place.

Transforming your garage into a workshop can be a lot of fun, and you can create your own safe haven where you can work in peace. However, you need to assess what kind of workshop you would like to have, in order to prepare everything and to have all the necessary upgrades taken care of. Most importantly, though, make enough room in your garage to be able to fit your handy workshop without feeling cluttered.

6 Tips for Creating a Perfect Home Garage

image 1Some people see their garage just as a place where they park their car, but that’s a big mistake. A garage is an essential part of every house and therefore deserves the same amount of love and attention as any other room. And if you think that all that space is somehow less functional, less pleasant, and of lesser worth than the rest of your house, that is only because you have not put enough effort into making your garage any different. Let us see what you can do to correct that mistake.

Let there be Light

Making any kind of repairs on your four wheeled friend would be impossible if you are unable to distinguish a wrench from a screwdriver. Install few bright and light sources that are easy on the eyes (you should position them so that all the parts of the garage are well lit no matter where you stand) and make this problem disappear. Utilizing as much of natural light as you can goes without a saying – Just place the windows on the northern and the southern part of garage to avoid unpleasant morning/evening glare.

Choose the Right Colors

When we think of a garage, the first thing that pops up to our minds is some greasy, industrial-looking space. Garages do not have to look that way. As a matter of fact, they should follow the same design language as the rest of your house’s interior and exterior. Choosing some fresh and bold colors over the same old whites and greys will make the garage a place where you will actually like to spend your free time.

Watch Where You Step

image 2Of course, bright colors may help your garage appear more pleasant, but how pleasant it will actually be, you’ll be able to determine only after you spend few hours standing behind the workbench. Do your feet a favor and install an anti-fatigue matte finish there. As for the rest of the garage, you can choose between plastic, rubber, and wooden tiles. They all have their pros and cons so be sure to check them all out before you make a final decision.

The More Storage the Better

Keep one thing in mind, though – This commodity should not come at the price of conformity, and the storage units should not obstruct the free movement throughout the garage. Tackle this issue by installing wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tool racks, hanging bike racks and any kind of storage units that will not occupy too much space, or can easily be put out of the way. If you are ambitious, you can even upgrade your garage with an attic and use it is an added storage space.

Choose the Right Doors

This one is really a no-brainer – Automatic doors may be more expensive than the regular ones, but they are much more convenient. Also, you should strongly consider opting for either sectional or roller variety, because they both need zero clearance. Steel is very affordable, durable and secure material, and it requires very little maintenance which makes it a perfect solution for every budget.

Put Things into Perspective

Last but not least, you should never consider any upgrade on your garage the final one. Who knows, you may one day become an avid visitor to earthmoving auctions and you may have to make necessary garage upgrades to accommodate your newly found passion. It would be such a shame if you would have to rebuild the roof that’s too low or tear down the shed you have built right next to garage.

If you follow these few tips, your garage should end up being much brighter, more pleasant, more functional and ready for any further upgrades you may want to make along the way. The most important of all, your garage will finally become an equal member of your house.


Why More People Are Building A Steel Garage For Their Property

Steel Garagesan use various materials when building a garage. One material you may consider is steel. It offers several advantages over wood or concrete poles which you may not know about. Most people often prefer wood because it looks elegant, but if constructed right, a steel garage may be more beneficial to you.

Less Costly

There are now prefabricated steel garage kits that are sold at reasonable prices. They are definitely cheaper than wood, so if you have a budget this would be your best option. In addition to the less cost of the material, constructing a steel garage is cheaper too because you can do it on your own. You no longer have to hire professionals to do the job. The kits come with all the materials and instructions you need to build the structure. All you need to do is get the proper measurements so that you can buy the right steel garage kit which is perfect for your property.

Easy and Faster to Build

If you decide on building a concrete garage, you may have to discuss the project with an architect who will help to design the layout. It will be a lengthy process of obtaining a permit for the construction. All these hassles will be eliminated if you choose to have a steel garage. You may still need to get a permit but since steel garage kits are predesigned and sold with a certification from its makers, it will be very easy to get approval. You will not need to consult an architect too, which also takes time because you have to wait for them to finish their assessment and design. With a steel garage, you can start constructing the structure as soon as you get the building permit approved.


Your only enemy with a steel garage is rust, but you do not have to worry about it as long as you maintain it well. Compared to wood, there is no doubt that steel will outlast its life, not to mention that wood needs a lot of maintenance. Steel is also resistant to fire, which gives added protection to your vehicles.

Great Designs

Steel may not have the elegance that wood has, but since steel is fabricated, it also means that it comes in various designs and shapes. You can choose from commercial designs which are often sold on the market or you may also request to have one customized for you. You may even choose to paint your steel garage. This is a great idea if you want your garage to blend well with the rest of your property and not stand out like a separate structure. With a little imagination and style, you can make a steel garage work with your property’s exterior design.

Because of these benefits, more people are considering building a steel garage from Cyclone Steel Buildings for their properties. The task of building it from scratch on your own may seem hard, but you should not worry since steel garage kits come with detailed instructions. Once it is done, you will experience more pride knowing that you completed the project on your own.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for your Garage Floor

garage floorYour garage floor goes through wear and tear unlike any other flooring – oil stains, dirt build up, grease marks, and other various chemical stains cause damage to your garage floor. What are some of the major benefits to epoxy flooring for your garage floor?

With epoxy floor coating, you can increase the durability of your garage floor. This type of coating is the most popular to use on the garage, creating a longer-lasting floor that handles spills much better and easier than without an epoxy floor coat. These coatings are resistance to most destructive substances, causing little to no harm to be done to the floor after epoxy has been put in place. This helps give your garage floor a longer life by preventing massive stains from accumulating.

Epoxy flooring is also a very inexpensive form of floor coating. You can maintain the quality and increase the durability of your floor easily with a coating, requiring no replacement to the garage floor for many years. More coating means more protection to the floor, enhancing its life and beauty of the floor. It’s also easy to install either on your own or by having a professional epoxy flooring company install it for you.

This coating is also water resistant. It will not allow water to enter into the interior of the flooring, preventing cracks and damage. The coat conceals old cracks in your floor, giving it a renewed look. This also provides easier clean up from dirt and other materials as this coating type resists all types of stains and gives it a shiny and new look to the garage floor.

Epoxy sealing is commonly known as garage sealer since it works best for garage flooring that suffers from many stains and cracks. It also provides you with a mix of colors to add a characteristic feature to your garage. This will cover up any previous stains and create a unique look on your garage floor.

A garage floor demands a coat of epoxy to manage stains, cracks and spills. It extends the life of your garage floor while providing you with a sleek surface that prevents stains and cracks from becoming an issue later on. Epoxy is a safe and inexpensive form of coating that will give your floor a new and unique look to it.


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Garage Door Repairs

garage doorYour garage keeps your valuable car in pristine condition and acts as a storage unit as well. Without a proper working garage door, the space is useless and can cause issues. How can you repair a garage door?

A garage door has two main parts to it: the door itself and the opener. Both need to be properly functioning in order for the garage door to work. The garage door involves the use of metal tracks and heavy springs to provide power. The tracks are typically what cause the most issues for garage door owners. Luckily, they are easy to fix.  When making a repair, always make sure your garage door is closed.

Check the metal tracks for dents, flat spots, or crimps in the track, and check to see if the mounting brackets are loose. You can tighten the metal brackets easily and if there are any damaged spots in the tracks they should be replaced. Your tracks should be properly aligned and at the same height on the garage walls. You can fix uneven tracks by loosening the screws or bolts that hold the mounting brackets and tap them into position until they are even. If you are having issues with the tracks, it could be as simple as having dirt and grease buildup stuck in them. A concentrated household cleaner will help remove the dirt and grease.

If the spring seems to be an issue, you can adjust the tension of the springs depending on the type of garage door you have. A one-car garage will only have one spring and will need to be adjusted by a professional because of the large amount of tension that is in the spring. If you have a two-car garage, there are two springs that you can adjust the tension either by pulling the cable further through the plate above the door and knotting the end or by moving the hooks to the next notch, depending on if you have a roll-up door or swing-up door.

If the opener needs to be repaired, you can go to a hardware store to purchase a new opener and follow the directions that come along with the opener. These are fairly simple to install. If you are unsure of what the problem is and your garage door needs to be fixed, a professional can help solve your problems. Any concerns should be address to a professional to ensure that nobody gets hurt when dealing with the garage door.


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