The Benefits of Self Cleaning Windows

Self cleaning windows have been around now for over a decade but are only now becoming more popular with the use of new self cleaning technology.  So what are self cleaning windows? Well the use is in the name! They are windows that have a unique self cleaning coating that reacts with sunlight to break down dirt molecules that are on the window. Then when it rains the water forms a very thin layer on the glass rather than water…

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Maintain the beauty of your floor with professional stone cleaning

Stone floors are simply stunning. They have a style which can instantly enhance and upgrade the look of any room they are in. Some of the most eye-catching floors are created from stone; with the dark colours and randomly sized pieces proving to create a statement floor design which is highly popular. Nevertheless, for your stone floor to keep this dazzling and dramatic effect it needs to be maintained and looked after properly. Thus, it is very much recommended that…

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