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If you wonder which water-cleaning machine is best – try dry foam cleaning

If you wonder which water cleaning machine is the best - try dry foam cleaningFirst, call the professional cleaners in your region to discuss the details about the best cleaning method for the specific type of rug, carpet or another floor covering. Yet a great idea before hiring a cleaning company or before renting a professional cleaning machine, you should know the advantages of the dry foam cleaning machines.

In contrast to the water-cleaning systems, the dry foam machine uses no water and thus it leaves the surfaces completely dry and ready to use. There is no water consumption and the electrical consumption is lower too, which on the other hand, lowers the cost of the big home cleaning. You don`t have to wait minutes or hours before walking onto the carpets, which can tempt you to use the dry foam cleaning method every season. It is actually much similar to the vacuum cleaner, than to the machines with a hot-water extraction method.

The dry foams work perfect with rugs and carpets with short fibers, because the foam penetrates easily into the base of the fibers to wipe off and to dislodge all dirt, dust, bacteria and stains. A powerful rotating head transforms the foam and the fibers into something like the space in a laundry machine, while the degreasing qualities of the foam dissolve all the dried kitchen grease and other greasy spots. A powerful vacuum exhausts the dislodged dirt and blemishes, which leave the fibers together with the foam, and all this is done at once with just one pass onto the surface of the carpet. The surface is fluffier and dry, while the antibacterial foams are perfect for sanitizing and deodorizing if you have pets at home.

There is no risk from damaging the fibers of the carpets even when it comes to carpets and rugs with natural fibers, with a natural coloration or hand-knotted carpets. In contrast to the hot-water extraction methods, the dry foams are safe for the fibers and their greatest advantage is that they clean without using the extreme heat like in the steam-cleaning machine. The steam features over a hundred degrees Celsius temperature, which provides the greatest degreasing power, however, the risk from damaging the fibers is greater too. Even some carpets with long natural fibers can`t be cleaned with a steam-cleaning machine, because it can cause burning effects, discoloration and other damages to the fibers. There is nothing common when cleaning with dry foams.

If you wonder which water cleaning machine is the best - try dry foam cleaning2Another great advantage of the dry foam cleaning machines is that they are perfect for a vast array of other surfaces, ranging from marble floorings to stone surfaces and tiles with grout lines. Thanks to the brushed head that enhances the foaming effect, you can remove dirt and dust even from the tiniest scratches and indentations. There are also cleaning machines that use a tiny little amount of moisture in the foam, which combined with pressure and rotation, provides not only a perfect deep cleaning effect, but it polishes almost every surface as well.

The ease of use makes the dry-foam cleaning machine perfect for a treatment of the entire carpet for a quite shorter time, than you`ve probably expected. One, there is no need for waiting time for drying and two, you can clean with longer passes easily by foaming the entire surface of the carpet. Not to mention that there is no risk for the carpet to soak up with moisture or water, because simply there is no water or high levels of moisture in the foaming compound.


Quick Cleanup Tips after Building Work

Quick Cleanup Tips after Building Work2After your builders have left the building, the actual work on your home will need to begin. Whether you plan on renovating your home or simply making small changes, it’s the end result that matters since you will need to solve the problem. Dust from construction or renovation seems to be out there no matter how small the task may be. It will be a bit of a hard task for most, but you can make it happen.

The following guidelines will help you get rid of dust and do some serious post-renovation cleaning:

  • Preparations

Before the construction job begins you should keep all electrical items wrapped with plastic bags or saran wrap to ensure they are safe. Although you will want you to wait until the builders are out and done with the job and the mess, you should do a quick cleanup at the end of each day. Doing so will ensure cleaning is easier and you won’t have to deal with a really colossal mess at the end of each day. It is up to your own preference, but at the end of the road the daily choice may be better.

One big problem with cleaning dust is that you often tend to brush it around the air and it just lifts and lands somewhere else. If you don’t try to vacuum up the dust you will only be wasting countless hours moving it from place to place while barely doing a thorough cleaning job.  When there are bigger pieces to clean, such as plaster or other similar materials can often be cleaned with sweeping, but the finer work will require you to use a vacuum cleaner no matter what. If you do have to sweep, you should open all the windows of your rooms to ensure you will have nothing to worry about and for free airflow.

  • Sweeping the rooms
  • Cleaning the walls and ceiling

Builders dust can also stick to your walls, so you would need to get rid of it with a damp cloth. You should be careful though, as if your walls were painted this means the damp cloth may simply ruin the paint if you’re not careful.

  • Vacuuming the rooms

For carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning you will need to work on vacuum cleaning. If your vacuum has a HEPA filter, then you will have a chance to make serious cleaning a reality. Run the vacuum around your room and make sure you are satisfied with the cleaning job once you’re done.

  • Mopping the rooms

Before you even try to mop your floors, you should vacuum first, it may take a few times before you are satisfied. When you do this, you should make sure you also repeat the mopping as many times as you feel you need to. When the job is done you will have cleaning done well and easy without having to waste any time to get to a nice and clean home.

Power Washing Services Understand the Best Techniques for Superior Cleaning

Gallery_Brick_2With the burgeoning popularity of power washing services, it’s easy to see why so many people are jumping on board. They want their homes, sidewalks, and businesses to look their best, and a regular garden hose just isn’t going to cut it. Many hardware stores are making more money than ever before on people who want to do it on their own. Are you getting your money’s worth?

While many national chains have powerful machines available for sale or rent that are more than equipped for the job at hand, store associates cannot necessarily train you on how to use the machinery correctly. Regardless of where you get it, the cost to buy or rent a machine can be more than many people imagine, especially if you do not know how to use them.

The good news is that if you call affordable power washers in your area, you can get the expertise of someone who understands the best techniques to get better results for a reasonable cost. The best part is you won’t pay that much more than you would to rent the machinery and try to do it yourself.

What Areas Do Property Owners Want to Power Wash in Youngstown?

If you want the best results, you go to the professionals for a quality power wash in Youngstown. So what areas do property owners commonly call about?

  • Home Siding: The siding on your home is one of the dirtiest places you’ll find on just about any building. In fact, if you have never called a professional power washer before, you may not even be seeing the real color of your home. When you call, your home can be power washed from top to bottom in just hours. All you have to do is ask.

  • Windows: Your windows may be dirtier than you ever imagined. The buildup on your windows could even be clouding your view. You can call window washers to take care of your windows. However, especially if your windows are older, a good power washer can be substantially more efficient. The trick is to use the right settings to get the best clean without any accidents.

  • Sidewalks: Sidewalks are used and abused. You drive over it, walk on it, pull trash over it, and more. Once it has been laid, it will never be quite as clean as it once was, unless you bring in a power washer. The right machinery can get rid of years worth of debris in just a short period if the correct settings are used and you know what you are doing. Even if it is simply pollution and fuel residue, the right power washer is up for the job.

  • Graffiti: While it may seem like hours of work when you first see it, don’t waste your time or effort.

    Instead, a great power washer can come in and remove even the toughest graffiti from your house and fences within just hours. As compared to manual labor or other alternatives, this acts as an efficient way to get a proper clean guaranteed without all of the extra work.

Do You Have Power Washing Services that Understand Your Needs?

If you are using power washing services that understand the process and your needs, you should be able to get a superior cleaning for your money. Yes, you may have a home with unique needs or you may need to have unusual areas cleaned. We can help you to assess the situation and decide how you want to proceed.

Whether you are looking to clean a home or office building, whether you want to clean one particular part or the whole building, or anything else, we can help you to sort out the details. For more information, just click here.

Silestone Countertops: What is Silestone?

countertopWhile most kitchen and bathroom countertops are commonly made of granite or marble, silestone is another lesser known option.  Silestone is a compound made up of 94% natural quartz, one of the hardest materials in nature.  Because of this, silestone countertops are extraordinarily resilient and durable.  It is a gorgeous material which makes it a desirable piece for countertops throughout the home, indoor or outdoor.  Because of the way silestone is created, it’s easy to find many different colors, patterns and textures which can fit perfectly within your idea of style and beauty.

Just as with all countertops, silestone countertops require a unique form of cleaning and maintenance.  Because of the way it is created, silestone does not even need polishing. Silestone is made of non-porous materials and, often times, contains an anti-microbial agent, ensuring microorganisms do not flourish on the countertops.  In most cases soap and warm water may do the trick but for certain stains, you can clean counters with these options:

  • For grease stains, apply a small amount of 409, Windex or a common household cleaner and rub with a scouring pad. Rinse immediately with water.
  • For marks left by glasses, use hydrochloric acid on the surface and let sit for one minute. Rinse immediately with water.
  • For silicon stains, use a knife and a solvent. Rinse immediately with water.

Due to its resilience, silestone countertops are highly resistant to acids, oils, coffee, wine and soft drinks.  However, there are many products you should avoid cleaning with, including:

  • Hydrofluoric acid, Dichloromethane, NaOH – caustic soda, and Paint Strippers. Do not use under any circumstance!
  • Bleach or Degreasing Agents – Do not use for maintenance. If you do, immediately rinse with water.
  • Alkaline products – When this product remains on the surface for more than 12 hours, it may cause the countertop to lose its sheen.
  • Trichloroethylene, Acetone and Paint Thinner – These may be used to remove a specific stain but if so, after scrubbing, wipe off the product with water.
  • Water Repellants – Do not use water repellants or sealants to bring out the luster.

With these simple cleaning tips, you will be able to enjoy your silestone countertop for many years to come!  For more information on silestone countertops, contact the professionals at Stone Tech Marble.


The benefits of brick cleaning and repair services

brick cleaning LondonThere are a number of factors that will compel the building owner to initiate the restoration and brick repair London work. Nevertheless, brickwork maintenance at a large scale is expensive and time consuming. So, the question is that why should people spend a considerable time and money on the cleaning and preservation? The benefits of conservation of brickwork are equally promising in their return of investment, if these are properly done. As an owner, you will be convinced to commission the restoration for its result in terms of structural integrity, property value and the aesthetical uplifting. Plus, the use of bricks as a frequent building material is based on its low maintenance and durability.


If the building is maintained and any deterioration is controlled at the first stage without causing it to spread, it will add many years to its life. Your investment will serve you for a longer period of time. In case the damage is let to spread, you are compromising on the worth of your property. However, there are a number of risks associated with the brickwork maintenance. So, if you want to maximize the benefits of repointing and brick cleaning London, you must choose the professionals of the field. The most promising 5 benefits of conservation are as follows.

 brick cleaning services in london

1-      Structural integrity: One of the very important aspect is that the proper maintenance will keep the building habitable. The loss of structural integrity is the brewing ground for a hazard. Thus, if you can see the mortar decaying from the joints, depleting surfaces and the extended cracks in the walls, it is time to pay attention to it. You will be tension free, once the structure is completely repaired and its strength is regained.


2-      Weatherproofing: The sealants and the insecticide layers will start to vanish under the severe exposure. It calls for the proper inspection of the reason and you must think about executing a detailed preservation work. The brick repair and the repointing of joints will seal off any troubling water ingress points. The mending of the damp proof layer will make sure that the future water penetration can be avoided. Otherwise, the water ingress is both structurally damaging and aesthetically destroying. With increased endurance, your building will be able to withstand the decaying environmental factors.


brick repair3-      Reduce the regular maintenance: If the restoration is done only in small areas, you can be inviting troubles again and again. This is why, initiating the conservation at one time will cover all the problems ultimately reducing the need and cost of regular maintenance. The damage to the surfaces will be fully rectified. In small workings, the overall strength will not be achieved and work can also become patchy.


4-      Aesthetical uplifting: The exterior of your building will impart a lasting impact on the visitor’s mind and you will always be interested in making it a good one. When a thorough repair is done, the stains are removed with paint removals London; your home will appear to be perfect and magnificent. Ascetics are an indispensable factor of conservation and the ruined look is a good enough reason for a preservation. Whether the reason behind is the efflorescence, crumbled mortar or the large stains, the damage can be undone with the help of cleaning and repair services.


5-      Property value: The value of commercial property is much affected by the level of maintenance. Even in the residential areas, a well maintained house has more worth. If you are intending to sale the building, you will uplift the value quite significantly with the help of conservation. The return on investment is quite evident as an increased resale value.

House Feeling Cramped: Five Tips for Making More Space

House Feeling Cramped Five Tips for Making More SpaceOne of the laws of nature is that the amount of stuff you have expands to fill the available space. Whether it’s clothes, books, furniture or houseplants, you may find yourself wondering how it multiplied, seemingly overnight, and now has you crowded into one corner of your living room. Follow these easy tips to avoid the pitfall of “too much stuff” and create more space in your home.

Sort Possessions

Take a hard look at what you use and what you don’t then act accordingly. If you haven’t worn it in two years and it’s not your wedding dress, out it goes. The same rule applies to college textbooks, novels you didn’t care for, broken tools and sets of dishes you’ll never use. Recycle broken items, donate usable items to libraries, charities and other service organizations, and watch your space expand.

Get a Storage Unit

If getting rid of your possessions is too painful, get a storage unit in your neighborhood. Many storage companies can be found online like, which lists monthly fees and types of spaces available. Move your clutter into one of these units until you can make decisions about its fate. For valuable items, be sure to choose one that has climate control!

Use Wall Space

That clunky entertainment center that juts out into the living room can be turned into extra floor space if you hang the television on the wall and install shelving for components. For knick-knacks that occupy tabletops, “floating” shelves can be easily installed. Get rid of plant stands by hanging plants from wall brackets.

Get Versatile Furniture

Platform beds with drawers in their bases are a great way to hide a dresser’s worth of clothes and clutter. Ottomans and coffee tables with flip tops and inside storage accomplish the same task in the living room. Repurpose a small chest of drawers as a side table or night table and gain extra storage in a snap.

Reorganize Your Closets

Once you’ve edited what’s in your closets, maximize the space by organizing the closet with organizer shelves and hangar systems. You can double the usable space in most closets with these ingenious and affordable devices. Add extra shelving wherever you can, and you’ll find that those extra blankets, off-season clothes and special occasion items become practically invisible.

A Journey Begins With the First Step

Remember that you don’t have to do all of these things at once. Try one at a time, and you’ll find your home growing bigger instead of smaller!

No Stress: How To Make Cleaning Easier In Your Home

No Stress How To Make Cleaning Easier In Your HomeKeeping the house clean is a necessary step for any family. Some people find cleaning the many different parts of a home difficult or stressful. This does not have to be the case. Homeowners can take steps to simplify the cleaning process. There are several ways to make cleaning easier in the home.

Use the Right Supplies

Cleaning is much easier when using the right supplies. Homeowners should use specialized cleaners for different jobs like the inside of the oven, the windows or wooden furniture. Brooms, mops and vacuums that have adjustable heights and ergonomic grips will take the stress out of cleaning floors. Finding the right supplies will make a large difference when cleaning.

Clean As Messes Are Made

Cleaning the home can be made easier by dealing with small messes as they occur. Picking up toys and magazines when they are no longer needed removes clutter. Wiping down surfaces after taking a bath or shower will stop mildew from accumulating. Washing dishes after a meal will make sure the sinks are empty and clean. This divides cleaning into many small tasks spread throughout the week.

Resurface Floors

It can become difficult or impossible to thoroughly clean aging or stained floors. This is especially true with unfinished concrete floors and old wooden floors. Resurfacing is a way to make floors more attractive while also making them easier to clean. Concrete resurfacing can remove discolorations and add one or more protective layers that will fight stains in the future. Refinishing or resurfacing wood floors can have the same effect. Keeping the resurfaced floor clean is very easy.

Keep Surfaces Clear

Surfaces like tabletops, counters and floors should be kept as clear as possible. This often means reducing clutter or putting items into storage. Cluttered tables or counters accumulate dust very quickly. Dust can form thick piles around clutter. Keeping counters and surfaces clear will reduce the amount dust and dirt that must be cleaned every day.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services that come once a week or once a month will make maintaining the house easier. A cleaning service can make sure every area of the house is completely clean. Services like can clean floors made from concrete, tile or slate until all particulates, allergens and other pollutants are removed. Professional services make keeping the house clean between visits easy.


Making cleaning easier will encourage everyone to maintain a cleaner house. Keeping the house clean will create a healthier environment. The lack of thick dust and allergens will improve the quality of the air. This can have a positive effect on everyone in the home over the years.

Why is Tile and Grout Cleaning Necessary?

Tile and Grout CleaningWhen you install tile into your home, you take up the responsibility to keep that tile and grout in great condition. When you don’t keep it in condition, many things can happen. The tile can crack and break, water can get underneath the tile, and the worst case scenario is that you will have to replace your entire floor. By properly cleaning tile and grout, you can avoid these situations. Why is tile and grout cleaning necessary?

Grout is what holds your tile together. It is a mixture that makes it nearly impossible for water and other substances to get underneath the tile, which can cause mold and mildew to grow. Mold and mildew can grow to be very dangerous issues, as they are harmful to your health and can quickly overtake large portions of your home that could be deemed unfixable if it gets too bad. Therefore, not only is it important to keep your tile in good shape, but your grout needs to be kept in good shape as well.

By keeping your tile and grout clean you are going to extend the lifespan of your flooring. This is because keeping it clean will help avoid all of those bad situations, and keeping it cleaning will give it a new, sparkling look every time.

Without professional tile and grout cleaning you are going to gather stains and dirt quicker than if you would have a professional clean your tile and grout. For areas like the bathroom and kitchen where people will frequent, it can be embarrassing to have stained and dirty tile.

A professional tile and grout cleaner will use specific tools and equipment so that they can get into those hard to reach areas, cleaning every inch of your tile and grout. By using the right chemicals and removing any moisture safely and effectively, you can be comfortable knowing that no bacteria, mold or mildew is going to be growing under or around your tile and grout. They can even reapply sealant so that your tile and grout will be in the best possible condition after it has been thoroughly and professionally cleaned.

Tile and grout cleaning is necessary in order to keep the floor looking as spectacular as possible. You don’t want your guests to see a dirty, stained floor when they walk into your home. Instead, have your guests compliment on how clean and new your tile floor looks.

Grout Cleaning Company, The Grout Medic is pleased to bring you this article on why tile and grout cleaning is necessary. If you are interested in professional grout cleaning services, be sure to check out their website today.

The Benefits of Tile and Grout Cleaning

tile & groutDirty tile and grout that accumulates grime and mold is not ideal in any household. Tile tends to be in the bathroom and the kitchen, two areas that collect a lot of moisture, which builds up mold, dirt and makes the tile and grout look unsightly. What are the benefits to cleaning your tile and grout?

First off, it is easy to clean if you routinely clean the tile and grout. You can use a simple water mixture with detergent or soap to gently clean the surface. If you have been keeping up on cleaning the tile and grout then you don’t need to worry about hiring a professional cleaner.

A professional cleaner might be necessary for longer stains, mold and dirt that have built up over years. Professional cleaners can use stronger cleaners with special equipment to effectively remove the stains that normal household cleansers cannot get to. A combination of chemical cleaners, steamers, and vacuum systems can be used to clean and sanitize the tile and grout. They will also apply sealants as well, which will prevent any new stains and the accumulation of dirt from happening again. This professional cleaning can take around two to three hours, but it depends on the size of the area and how serious the cleaning is.

Once the tile and grout is clean the room will look clean and spotless, as opposed to before where the room looked dingy and old. Proper care to tile and grout can change the whole appearance of a room, making it stand out even more with a clean floor. This is especially important if it is in the kitchen because nobody wants to eat where the floor looks dirty and moldy. Your entire home can feel more clean and sanitary after doing some serious cleaning to the tile and grout around your house.

If you think your tile and grout needs to be cleaned and it has been awhile, considering hiring a professional to clean the tile and grout extensively to get a brand new appearance on your floor. Your home will look and feel more clean than it ever has before with this new looking tile and grout to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Routinely clean your tile and group with some household cleaning solutions to ensure the floor continues to look beautiful and sparkling.


The Grout Medic is pleased to bring you this article on the benefits of tile and grout cleaning. They specializes in grout cleaning, as well as tile cleaning, re grouting, and tile replacement. If you are interested, check out their website today.

Top 5 Cleaning Tips for your home

If you are spring-cleaning then cleaning the whole home can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. In spite of the level of cleaning and scale of the cleaning, professional cleaners are able to tackle rooms in a matter of minutes and can quickly turn a dank, smelling room into a bright and shiny, light reflective and fresh environment. Well if they can do it so can you! And so today we are going to go through our top 5 cleaning tips for your home.

1.)   Do one room at a time

One way to really slow down you cleaning is to separate your cleaning tasks by machinery, or chemical when actually you can get lot more done if you tackle each area of the house by itself. As long as you are able to transport your equipment, chemicals and tools from room to room there is no reason why you should do all of the floors first, all of the windows second and so on and so forth. The main reason for this is that even though you are cleaning, what you are also doing is transferring dirt from room to room rendering your cleaning efforts moot. Therefore, tackle one room at a time so that all you ever leave behind you is a clean shiny room.

2.)   Use the right tools

clean mopTrying to clean windows with sponges, carpets with brooms and stains with soap is one easy way to make sure that you never get a room clean. Before you even start, have a look at the areas that you want to clean and make sure you have the appropriate items, chemicals and supplies to tackle each area of the home efficiently. That means, if you are tackling carpets, rugs and upholstery, you need a vacuum cleaner with numerous attachments, and if you are tackling windows, you need chemicals and materials that will be suitable for windows. Whatever tools, water buckets and clothes you already have will rarely be enough so making use of tool hire helps keep costs down.

3.)   Keep windows open

A classic error that people make when they are cleaning, particularly when there is cold weather outside is to keep the windows closed when they are cleaning, so that all of the dust that has been disturbed, and all of the sprays and chemicals that have been used have no other choice then to settle back into their places as soon as the cleaning is done, and fester a nice, unfavorable smell for the next guest. If you are cleaning any room, open windows and doors so that dust and smell can escape leaving the room smelling fresh like it should do.

4.)   Rinse regularly

If you are mopping or cleaning windows, then one common mistake is to try and make the bucket of water you are using last as long as possible. Big mistake. If you do not keep changing the water each time it discolors, not only are you spreading dirt and grime all over your home, but you are also increasing your workload by giving yourself more to do later on. For a better result, see changing after, rinsing clothes and rinsing the mop as a break from the hard graft part of your work for a better result.

5.)   Start from the top of the room and work your way down.

Many people, when cleaning, tend to start with what they see first, or what they consider to be the most dirty or most in-need part of the room which can be a sofa, or a window or a table. The problem with this is that as you clean, you will be sending dust flying everywhere whether you like it or not, and that dust will almost always settle somewhere. Starting from the top of a room with the appropriate cleaning equipment will mean that you have an opportunity as you move to the next level of the room (perhaps tables?) and then the next level (sofas?) and then the last level – floors. This method is the best way to guarantee you have “caught” all of the migrating dirt in the room.