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Safe Storage and Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste

bioBelieve it or not, the average household has anywhere from 3 to 5 gallons of hazardous waste. When the product is initially purchased, it is not thought of as waste. However, after the product has served its’ purpose it cannot simply be thrown away. It is actually illegal to throw away many types of hazardous waste.

There are different types of household hazardous waste. These are corrosive such as batteries, toxic such as pesticides, paint, or cleaners, ignitable such as gas cans, chemically reactive such as a sulfuric acid, and technological such as computers and digital cameras.

Common practices are to throw these materials away, dump them out, or bury them. This has risks for both human health and the environment. When these hazardous household wastes are taken to a typical garbage landfill, there are no procedures in place to properly handle the waste. It can poison the surrounding area and injure workers at the landfill. If these materials are dumped they can pollute the water system and damage household pipes. Some chemicals are unable to be removed through water treatment. Burying or burning waste is a dangerous activity due to the risk of explosions and concentrated air pollution.

This makes it clear that it is essential to safely dispose of hazardous household waste. While the dangerous material is being used, it should be kept in a double secured container that will prevent leaks from occurring out of the reach of children and pets. If necessary, additional labels can be made to clearly identify the waste. There should be flowing air in the area where the waste is stored so that potentially dangerous gasses are not concentrated. These products need to be kept out of direct sunlight and extreme changes in temperature. So if your garage gets very cold during the winter and hot during the summer it is probably not the best place to store reactive or ignitable waste.

After the material has been stored properly and there is some leftover from the intended use, it is important to properly dispose of this waste. Oftentimes, if a material requires special disposal, the label will indicate. In this case, follow the label. Household hazardous waste can be taken to a hazardous waste plant. Many areas will have dedicated days for disposal of typical household waste. Some of this waste is able to be reused by others who visit the waste center. If you have useful household waste leftover such as paint or oil, a local charity or church will likely be glad to receive the donation. Likewise, with technological waste, many stores will take back computers, harvest their useful parts and safely dispose of the rest.

Every household has some waste that is hazardous. As tempting as it can be to just quickly dispose of this waste, this is a dangerous practice for our health, the local ecosystem, and the larger environment. Follow the above strategies for being a responsible citizen and practicing safe disposal methods.

Tigran is the owner of Glycon Biomedical Waste, a Los Angeles-based medical waste disposal company. On his free time he enjoys blogging about household safety to help people properly dispose hazardous waste.




How to Clean Outdoor Patio and Deck Furniture

Photo 1During the summer months, outdoor furniture is used almost every day, which means you probably need to clean it  quite often. Also, if you’re into organizing various out-of-doors activities for your kids throughout this season, regular cleaning just becomes a daily routine. Although many of us don’t favor this chore, with the right tools and cleansers, it can be done without a hitch. Here are a few tips on how to keep your patio and deck furniture looking as good as new.

Dealing with Natural Wood (teak, wicker)

Cleaning natural wood is possibly the most meticulous job, since you need to be extra careful and cautious. In order to clean teak and wicker furniture, you need to use a dry scrub brush first, to remove any debris. After that, you can use a mixture of warm water (1 gallon) and castile soap (1 tablespoon) for scrubbing away the dirt with the same brush. If you clean wicker, make sure you scrub gently because it can lose its shape. The last step is to wash off all the soap with a hose and apply oil (note: use oil only if the instructions call for it). 

Frequent Surface Cleaning

If you like spending most of the summer days on the patio having dinner parties with friends or organizing various arts & crafts activities with your kids, those outdoor tables and chairs are definitely in a dire need for daily cleaning. You surely want all those dirt and grease, soap scum and filth to disappear in a jiffy. Universal cleansers that at the same time clean and polish the surfaces are the best option. You can, for instance, go for Koenig Polish, a cleanser that can be used on various types of surfaces – glass, stainless steel, granite, etc. It also adds a nice shiny layer that provides the surface with additional protection.

Photo 2A Recipe for Plastic, Steel and Metal

If you’re a fan of DIY options, you can easily make a solution using 1 cup of vinegar, ½ cup of castile soap and 2 gallons of warm water. Once you mix these ingredients, you’ll need a spray bottle to pour the solution in. Before applying the cleanser, remove the loose dirt from the surfaces using a brush. Also, put away all the cushions, if they’re removable, as you’ll need to clean them separately. After spraying the furniture, leave it for 5-10 minutes and then spray the same area again, rinse it with water and leave in on the sun to dry.

Basic Cleaning of Outdoor Pillows and Cushions

For cleaning the fabric of your outdoor cushions, mix 1 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent, 1 tablespoon of Borax and 1 quart of warm water. Wash the cushions either with a saturated sponge or using a spray bottle. Leave them for 15 minutes and then rinse them off with a lot of water. Don’t dry the cushion in the direct sun in order to keep the original color. If you have removable cushions that can fit in the washer, wash them on a gentle cycle.


Regular cleaning of outdoor furniture during the year, even if you don’t use it during the winter months, will help keep it in immaculate condition. The thorough cleaning should firstly be done at the beginning of summer and then at the beginning of autumn, before you store it indoors. Storing the furniture inside is an additional step in staining prevention.


Best Summer Home Office Cleaning Tips which Will Save Your Time



Summer is almost here, which means that you will have to do the office cleaning very soon! This can become very stressful and tricky, particularly if you are always in a hurry and don’t have time to leave everything neat and organised. However, we have some useful tips for you. Stay with us and find out how to clean your office and save some precious time.


Keep Only the Stuff You Need at Arm’s Length

Of course that there is a wide range of things you need while you are at work, however, only those you use regularly should be kept at your table. It would be perfect to keep them at arm’s length, because these are stuff you need most. Get rid of unnecessary piles of paper, boxes of pens and old coffee cups – keep only one notebook, two pens, monitor, keyboard, and a lamp instead.


Clean Your Electronics

If you have a bad habit of eating while working, you know that the struggle gets real as soon as you try to clean your keyboard and get rid of all those crumbles that got stuck in it. Doing this on a daily basis will definitely save you a lot of time, particularly because it can get very difficult to clean it when there are is so much food in it. Wipes that are made specifically for electronics will do wonders, so head straight to the office supply store and get them.


Create a System of Daily Papers

As already mentioned, piles of paper on your desk can be a true pest when it comes to organization, which is why you should create a daily paper system in your office. Avoid the helpless state of being buried under the paperwork by organising it into different files and folders and labelling them properly. Colour-coding is also very handy. The same goes for your desktop – precisely separated files and folders will save the day.


Disinfect Regularly

Disinfecting on a daily basis is highly-required, especially when it comes to modern office furniture where the build-up of dust, fingerprints and different kinds of stains are even more noticeable than on classic furniture made of wood. For example, if we take into account new JP office workstations, models made of gloss powder coated steel that come in colours such as white, black, or red, we immediately know two things: we will get a top-notch urban design that certainly needs specific care. For this reason, you should disinfect regularly with a soft rug and an appropriate spray, or with expensing wipes. That will do the trick for your desk, monitor, keyboard, and phone, and will keep your workspace as clean as a whistle.


Organise Your Drawer

If you are one of those people who tend to throw things into your drawer in order to get them out of your sight – welcome to the club! However, this is a very bad habit which results in unnecessary mess, which means that it’s high time you sorted everything out. Drawer dividers can be very useful, because its compartments can help you organise everything properly – from paperclips and rubber bands, to pens and other stuff. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will solve all your problems instantly – your drawer will eventually become messy again, so make sure that you clean it at least once in two months.


As you can see, there are many tips and tricks that will make your summer office cleaning much easier and faster. Needless to say, it is important that you keep everything organised and neat throughout the whole year, however, that is not always possible. Just give your best and you will see – working in a clean and tidy place will make you more satisfied and therefore more efficient at work.

It Is Time for House Cleaning

It is time for house cleaningYou do not wait for your house cleaning the way you are dreaming about your vacation somewhere on the beach. Despite the fact that home cleaning is a regular procedure, it always seems that it comes like thunder from clear sky. Yes, that is because no one really wants to do it. But try to be positive about the things that have not happened yet. If you need a cleaning service for your house, then hire it and your problem will be solved. Do not make a challenge out of you home clean.

It will depend on how big your house is to decide what areas of your abode require cleaning services. See if all the rooms need to be cleaned and check if you want the cleaners to do the windows and laundry too. You may want to include various tasks into your domestic cleaning, but be aware that not every cleaning company will be ready to offer them all to you.

Do not hesitate to call your friends and ask them for referrals. If your neighbours or relatives are friendly, you can try seeking recommendations from them too. Normally, if people gain a positive experience in house cleaning they will love to share it.

When you make a list of cleaning agencies, make sure it is not as big as a novel, but do not include there any untrusted company. All cleaning contractors should be insured and should have adequately positive feedbacks. Do not allow amateurs to offer you a cheap service and deliver substandard results.

It might sound odd, but a good cleaner should be your guest first. This means you might need to invite the right candidate to your house to provide you with a free consultation on what needs to be done and how. If a representative is not available, do not waste your time on this company. It is beneficial for both you and the agency to measure the work and agree on the price for it in advance.

It is time for house cleaning2With cleaning services, the cheapest is rarely the best. So choose the golden middle plus make sure they will charge a flat rate and not an hourly one. You should investigate why a certain service is that cheap and another one is so expensive. You will be the one who makes the choice on a cleaning service for you house and it has to be the right one for the suitable price.

Do not be afraid to ask the company to disclose the list of chemicals they use during the house clean. You may not be aware of all the chemical products your kids or pets might be allergic to. Sometimes they might intend to use forbidden products or chemicals that are not suited for your kind of property.

The last thing to consider before choosing a service provider for your home cleaning is a guarantee of satisfaction. It is always a bonus to know that once the house is cleaned you satisfaction will not be spoilt by anything like a dirty piece of cloth in your wardrobe or delay of the service. If a company can guarantee that nothing awkward will happen to the service delivery then you can put a tick into the “done” cell in the graph “house cleaning”. Once you choose the service, do not postpone or forget to hire it!

The Family’s First Electronic Pet or Things to Consider about Vacuuming

The Family’s First Electronic Pet or Things to Consider about VacuumingWhat is it that every household has or should have? A kettle, TV or blue bin? Well, maybe yes to all of them, but it is a vacuum cleaner that should definitely be with the family once they settle in their home. When you are moving into a new house, add a hoover to your appliances’ shopping list and you will not regret it in a week’s time, when you find yourself thinking about house cleaning. The hoover is your first electronic pet you should get or adopt from the supermarket if you are planning to run a household. Once you got it, try to treat it respectfully.

Getting a hoover is not a big deal. Though it might cost you some money, depending on the make, your needs and other preferences that might be trending to the moment of purchase. Once you have it, make sure you have a place for it. You definitely do not plan to store your vacuum cleaner in the bin shed. Try to allocate it somewhere in the house, where you could easily find it, so that it could be comfortably stored for each family member to use. Unless it is only you who is going to do carpet cleaning. Do not leave it in the corner or in the hall – it is going to destroy the whole look and atmosphere of your family home.

If you have got a hoover, you can easily do the carpet cleaning. In this case easiness also means efficiency, because vacuuming keeps your carpets clean, especially if it is done regularly. Do not forget that regular vacuuming keeps not only your carpets clean, but the air in the house as well.

Any action requires a certain way of doing it. Vacuuming is only good, when it is being done steadily and slowly. It is mainly dust you are catching with the hoover, not the flies. So there is no need for rushing in carpet cleaning. And plan to spend some time on it.

While vacuuming, pay attention not only to the open and flat surfaces, but also to the corners and odd crevices. The biggest amount of dust does not lie in the centre of a carpet. If you are doing a full house cleaning, do the carpets last. Otherwise you will waste time and efforts on doing them twice. Start from the top, finish with the bottom.

Bear in mind that the vacuum cleaner does not swallow the dust. It helps you to put it into the bin by collecting it in the vacuum bag. As any bin, the dust bag needs to be emptied regularly. Make sure you replace or empty it when it is half or maximum two thirds full.

Regularity is a very relative notion. But regular vacuuming means you should do it at least once a week. Of course, you are allowed you to do it more than once, but regularity in vacuuming depends on various circumstances. High traffic like the one in the office areas requires daily vacuuming. And the same regularity is highly recommended, if you have pets. Twice a week vacuuming would be an ideal formula for a big family house. But for a general household, once a week vacuuming will be an ideal option.

Make your carpets and rugs longer lasting

Make your carpets and rugs longer-lastingTo maintain your textile floor coverings clean for a longer time, you will need just some quick and simple tricks. Some of them require only a couple of minutes on a daily basis while others take place once a year or maybe twice. Some of these tricks are typical like to pay more attention when cleaning a carpet only onto the dirty spots instead of soaking and dealing with the entire carpet, while other tips and tricks are quite unusual. In all cases – they will help make your carpets and rugs longer lasting.

– Prevent the textile floor coverings from direct sunlight, especially the carpets and rugs with natural fibers, natural colors, the Oriental and the vintage rugs. They are quite more vulnerable to the direct sunlight, which may cause discoloration or even some burning effects if you are in a quite hot location with powerful sunlight in the mid-summer. The use of window blinds is a simple solution of this issue.

– A regular use of the vacuum cleaner. This is not that essential for the cleanliness of the carpet itself, than to make it look like new. The regular vacuuming restores the fluffiness of the fibers and the effect is even better with carpets and rugs with longer fibers. One you get rid of the loose dirt particles such as dust, grit, crumbs and hair, and two – you make the fibers fluffy like new.

– Rotate the rugs to wear all the sides. What better way to reduce the need for deep cleaning, than to expose the new clean sides of the carpet with just quick turn of the carpet! This is also the best way to get rid of the issues that may occur with the areas of the carpets that see the heaviest foot traffic, such as in front of the doors or near the dining table.

Make your carpets and rugs longer-lasting2– Flipping a carpet or a rug is another great and a quick method to ensure an evenly exposure of the textile floor coverings. Just make sure to clean the carpet thoroughly before flipping it on its backside. This is also the best way to eliminate the risk of damaging the fibers due to indentations from heavy furniture and objects.

– Use only eco-friendly solutions and detergents for carpets with natural fibers. These detergents might be a bit more expensive, but they are not dangerous to the naturally colored fibers. Moreover, you don`t have to worry about spreading unhealthy chemical compounds in the air. You kids and pets can play onto the carpets right after carpet cleaning, and the bases of the wooden furnishings are not affected by the spills of the eco-friendly detergent.

– Treat the carpets with a protective solution spray once or twice a year, according to how much you use carpet. The invisible layer of protection is essential to keep the fibers clean for a longer time, as well as prevents the fibers from further staining.

– Spot cleaning is the best way to keep the carpets clean by eliminating the dirty spot as soon as it appears. Just make yourself a couple of homemade detergents and store them in the kitchen or somewhere in an easy to remember place. To clean a small spot from butter sauce is much easier right after it appears, than after it dries up into the fibers of the carpet.

– Professional cleaning once a year is quite important too, for example during the big house cleaning in the springtime.

– Keep the policy of no shoes on rugs and carpets.

Making Oven Cleaning Easier

Making Oven Cleaning EasierEveryone wants to live the life in the easiest possible ways. Nobody would like to adopt the complicated or hectic paths. For this reason, shortcuts are always appreciated by the people. It is advised that you must always take advantage of the shortcuts that come your way. Oven cleaning is something that is not easy to be done and it takes a lot of efforts and time. So, it is better to know the tips and tricks that can make your job easier and simpler. The hardest part of this job is to clean the black stuff that is stick over the walls of the oven. This is basically carbon and it is very stubborn so it is hard to get cleaned. It really needs oven cleaners, tools, time and most of all your efforts to clean the carbon. There must be some tactics to clean your oven in simpler ways. Following are some tips and tricks that can be followed in order to make things easier.

It is not necessary that every time you need to buy the products from the market. Sometimes, the home based products are also very helpful and can do magic for you. One of such products is baking soda that is easily available in most of the homes. Baking soda is really cheap in the market and you can buy it in bulk so it can be used for oven cleaning. For this, you can buy some spray bottle and put three tablespoons of baking soda in it. The bottle must be empty and there must not be anything in it earlier. After that you can fill the bottle with water and shake it so that a solution can be formed. Make sure that all the baking soda is dissolved in the water and none of it is settled down at the bottom of the bottle. Spray this solution at least once a day but make sure that oven is not hot at that time. Letting the oven cold is necessary for your safety as you might get your hands burnt while spraying over the hot oven.

You can make use of the oven in the same way as you normally do but keep on spraying in between the meals. It will just help the stains and carbon to lose their grip. It will be a big help in oven cleaning for you and your job can be done in shorter time because of this tip. By continuous spray of this baking soda solution will really make the carbon disappear after sometime. You must not get concerned about the mixture of baking soda in your food as it is not something hazardous for your health.

After that you can make use of a damp cloth to wipe off the oven and clean it up. You might leave the oven sprayed for as long as you want. You can spray the solution for as many times as you want but you have to wipe it off only once. You have to repeat the same step until and unless the carbon is gone. This is the best tip for oven cleaning as it is very easy to do and it has the best results. Baking soda is one of the main ingredients in all the oven cleaners that are available in the market. So, why not to make use of the one that is kept in your kitchen cabinets. Try this and it will just make oven cleaning a fun job.

Do Not Ask Builders To Clean After Themselves!

Do not ask builders to clean after themselvesWhatever you think about builders, you should remember one simple thing – construction workers are not cleaners. So when the work is finished, they will most probably leave a mess. All the mess is left for you. And this is where the real nightmare begins. No matter what kind of work you requested them to do in your house, builders will not leave quietly and unwitnessed. Builders clean-up is not the experience you are looking forward to gain, but sometimes in life you simply cannot avoid it. And the last thing you should do is to call them back and ask them to clean after themselves.

You might have thought that you have come across very professional builders who can do the job and leave no mess after it. But it is a delusion that follows everyone who is ignoring the importance of after builders cleaning. Do not get overexcited about your renovated house or refitted office. Think about how to get it cleaned and spend less money and nerves. Booking a domestic cleaning service has never been that easy now when you can ask Google. But be aware that professional builders cleaning will certainly cost big money you might not want to spend on it. Do you still want to do it yourself? Then get ready to discover dust in places you would not even think of!

It is highly advisable to prepare for the builders’ visit. First of all, cover all electrical items with plastic bags or wrap them with something similar. Dust can get anywhere and often we cannot realize the damage from it just like we are unable to eliminate dust in the first place. Once the construction is underway, do not hesitate to do little clean-ups every day. Small amounts of dust are easier to get wiped away.

Do not ask builders to clean after themselves2Wiping is not the only way you can get rid of dust. You might think that sweeping the construction area is useless, but it is not really so. Although a brush seem to just shift dust from one place to another, you can still sweep it in the direction of open windows and it will get carried away by the air flow. You will have to sweep hard enough and probably will need a break.

Bear in mind that dust may cover not only the floor. Sometimes it sticks to the walls too. In this case you will require a wet piece of cloth to wipe your walls with. Be careful not to remove any paint from the walls. No matter if it is old or new, you will still have to extend the construction works.

Do not forget about the general cleaning tool – the vacuum cleaner. It will be helpful during your builders cleaning too. Have a run with it in the rooms where the builders could have gotten access to.

After all dusting is done, it is the perfect time for mopping! Use your mop with the appropriate cleaning product that suits your floor. Be prepared to do it several times to get rid of industrial dust completely.

Finally, try not to ignore tables, shelves and windows. Dust will cover them there as well. If you have got a specialized vacuum cleaner you should have a nozzle for special surfaces too. At this final stage you will still need to be extremely patient while catching dust with the vacuum from the corners.

Once you have followed all these tips on builders cleaning, it might be the ideal moment to plan your next construction project that would include a professional after builders cleaning service.

How to Go About Bathroom Cleaning Systematically

How to Go About Bathroom Cleaning SystematicallyCleaning the bathroom isn’t a job anyone looks forward to but here are a few quick and easy ways of keeping it clean and tidy. We’re probably all guilty of dashing in and out of the shower in a rush every morning, so these tips really are quick and will save you a lot of cleaning time and effort.


Quickly wipe down the bathtub/shower and any tiles after each use. This will prevent any build up over time and save you the problem and having to scrub at the tiles when they get visibly dirty. Keeping a spray and cloth in the bathroom will help remind you to do this each time.

Air out

Also, after each use make sure that you leave the bathroom door open and turn on any fans or open any windows. This will allow the room to air out, getting rid of the moisture in the air, and help prevent or fight against any moulds growing in the damp conditions. To help prevent this on shower curtains, straighten them back after use to let them air dry better and more freely.


How to Go About Bathroom Cleaning Systematically2In addition to the spray and cloth you store in the bathroom it may be useful to store disposable wipes. If you use a wipe to spot clean the counter, mirrors etc. each night, this will quickly become a pattern ensuring that the bathroom is clean for when you wake up. This will encourage you to keep it clean throughout the day.


The first thing you should do to make your bathroom look tidier is to de-clutter. Get rid of any products you no longer use or dislike. Having them there will serve no purpose but making the room look untidy and less manageable. After cutting down to only the products you actually use, you should make a set place for each product. This will allow you keep track of everything and having a set place for them to keep will encourage you to put them back there after using them.


In addition to only keeping the products you use often in the bathroom you should invest in other storage rather than leaving everything on countertops. Racks are a nice way of organising things properly and cupboards can store them out of view for a more minimalist look. Realistically, the only products that should be on a countertop are the products you use every single day such as toothbrush and paste and face care. This cuts down on clutter and again will help give everything a set place to be returned to after use.


Dropping a sprinkle of baking soda into the toilet overnight will not only keep it cleaner but get rid of any lingering smells, something no one wants to wake up to. Leave the baking soda in overnight to work and simply flush in the morning. This is usually a no fuss method; however, if you see a ring of build up you should give it a quick scrub before flushing to ensure that nothing sticks to the inside of the toilet. This will only take a few seconds and save you the problem of having to really scrub the toilet clean at a later date.




Three main options for hard floor cleaning

Although they seem easy for cleaning and maintenance, the hard floor coverings may turn quite difficult in some cases like during the home office cleaning or during the end of lease cleaning. Next are three main opts, which should help you to take the right pick for your case.

Type of stain and type of flooring

Three main options for hard floor cleaningHard cleaning according to the type of stain and type of flooring. The light stains from tea spills, food crumbs, hair, sand and other loose particles are easy for removal with just a vacuuming machine or via grooming brush. However, the most persistent stains are the dried greasy spots. They may include kitchen grease from tomato sauce or butter, as well as dark traces of wearing or pet odor. In all cases, a great idea is to use a stronger detergent solution for these hard stains. Some hard rubbing is not an exception too. Always start from the end of the stains to the very center. Apply the solution with a clean cloth or with a sponge and rub gently until the solution is spread evenly. Let it sit overnight or for a few hours, according to the degree of staining. On the next morning, it will be much easier to remove the stain by rubbing and dabbing. Another great tip is to use a separate bowl only with clean water and keep it clean by changing the clean water over time. The hardest stains on laminate floorings, tiled floors and hardwood floorings require a different treatment. Start by mopping, because most hardwood floorings are resistant to stains and they help you to keep the house clean. Yet because these floorings are also scratch resistant – try to remove the hardest spots with a stiff spatula or even with a sharp knife at a very narrow angle. Then, clean again with the mop and wipe off the dusty dry stripes via another mop.

Domestic detergents

Three main options for hard floor cleaning2Make domestic detergents for the hardest stains on the floors. Most stains can be cleaned with a combination of products, which you probably already have in your home. It comes to products from the kitchen such as dish detergent, baking soda or powdered laundry detergent. According to how much you`re mixing in a bowl with hot water, you can get a strong solution to deal even with coffee spills and dry spots from kitchen grease. A domestic detergent of hot water, baking soda and shampoo creates and even greater foaming effect that will help penetrate even to the base of carpets with long fibers. One you get an awesome and cheap cleaning solution for hard floor cleaning and two – there is no risk of breathing volatile chemical compounds, nor a risk of damaging the delicate fibers with a strong detergent. It only works for spot cleaning and there is nothing to beat the professional cleaning machines when the dirt is spread all over the floor coverings.

Professional cleaning company

By using the services of a professional cleaning company, you get much more than flawless results. The professional carpet cleaners, for example, can take a pick of the best treatment for the specific type of carpet. If it is a lavishly decorate carpet with natural or with hand-knotted fibers – the best cleaning might be via dry foam system. The carpets and rugs with shorter fibers can be cleaned with a hot water- or with a steam-cleaning machine. The professionals also have professional detergents, sanitizing and deodorizing agents, which are definitely recommended for a big home cleaning once a year. A floor scrubber machine for hard floors is another unmatched solution that guarantee the best results for a shorter time.