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Guide to Creating a Vintage-Styled Bathroom

image 1 (1)While there are always those obsessing about everything new and modern, there are those who know how to appreciate the past. Of course, we are not talking about people reading history novels or going to the museum, but people trying to recreate a bit of this past in their own homes. Still, making your home vintage doesn’t mean just piling a bunch of old stuff everywhere. It is much more complex than that. In order to help you out, here are a few tips on how to create your own vintage-styled bathroom.

Detached Elements

If there is one thing that can make your bathroom truly vintage, it is the detached elements in your bathroom. A nice claw-foot porcelain tub is something you can only see in old movies or those set in that era. Still, even though they are aesthetically quite unique, they are not something you can expect to see in a contemporary bathroom. Still, there is no reason to stop here. Why not also go for a pedestal sink instead of hanging one? If you aim to give your bathroom that easily distinguishable Victorian look, this is one of the things you might want to consider. Finally, a toilet with a detached chain and a handle is an absolute must (like the one in the restaurant in The Godfather).

Go for Metal

The next thing anyone notices about vintage is that people back in the past relied on different materials in their interior design. Sure, today we have PVC everywhere, but not so long ago, different kinds of metals like copper, wrought iron, nickel, and oiled bronze were all the rage. These dull metals gave one’s home a completely unique look and truly opened it up spatially. Sure, there may not be much room for this kind of design in the bathroom, but you can always leave the pipes exposed and covered in one of these nuances. This brings two advantages. If any accident happens, pipes on the outside are easier to fix, plus you get that industrial look many people are falling for these days.

Floor Ideas

One of the things that haven’t changed much over the course of years is a bathroom floor. If money is not the issue, there is literally nothing better for your flooring than marble. Still, seeing how this can cost an arm and a leg, there are some other options you may want to consider, as well. The first of them is hardwood flooring. Sure, some may claim that wood and moisture don’t really go that well hand in hand, but a highly polished hardwood that is maintained properly can withstand nearly anything. If you are still not convinced, you can simply go with ceramic tiles. For these purposes, hexagonally shaped ones are a safe choice.


image 8For your bathroom lighting solution, there are several things to be done. First off, you need to decide if you are going with ceiling lights or a chandelier. Most people go with ceiling lights since they are more practical, but choosing a small chandelier can bring your bathroom’s style one step closer to being fully vintage. Next, what you might want to do is replace all your incandescent light bulbs with the LED ones. The thing about incandescent bulbs is that they use most of their energy on heating, which is not their primary function. This is why according to chart an LED bulb of only 6-8 Watts gives as much lumens as incandescent one of 60 Watts.


Finally, the big issue about any bathroom is what color it should be in. While many people out there recommend soft, pastel accents like pink, blue or turquoise, some bathroom renovation experts advise going full white. As a universal color, it matches any appliances you may decide to go with perfectly and gives your entire bathroom a completely new dimension. Still, if this is not your cup of tea, nothing prevents you from going with anything, from earthy brown to bright yellow. The choice is all yours.

Making a vintage-styled bathroom is far from easy, but the end result is usually more than worth it. Seeing how this is one of the most functional rooms in your home, it might not hurt to add a sentimental dimension to it, as well. This way, every time you visit it, you might get an impression of stepping into a time machine and exiting into a different era, one more to your liking.




How to Design and Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

image 3Dust, the unbearable mess, the pain and of course the costs, are all the things that come up after you think about remodeling your bathroom. It is never easy and cheap to deal with flooring, plumbing and electrical and so much more, in a cramped room that is quite essential for our lives. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help you renovate your bathroom on a budget and with less stress. In the end, you will be happy in your bright, clean, brand new, and functional bathroom.

Refinish, Do Not Replace

The best example for covering instead of replacing is a shower or a bathtub refinishing. Usually you will face a problem such as a few cracks and nicks, or yellowed surface. These things actually only require refinishing, and not entire bathtub replacement. It will save you both money and time. However, with sink and shower fixtures the case is not the same. It will cost you more to refinish than to replace, so have refinishing in mind only when it comes to a bathtub or a shower.

Paint On Your Own

Repainting is the cheapest way to provide your bathroom with a new and gorgeous look. However, it might not be as quick as it seems, considering the bathroom is the smallest room in the house. Consequently, around the floor, the wall corners, the switch plates, the toilet, the mirror, the sink, the shower or tub and the window are the areas you will have to paint really gently, and with great attention. Furthermore, try investing in a good, high quality paint with a satin finish. Mold and mildew are easily developed in humid rooms, so this paint will save you a lot of trouble.

Be the Best Designer Of All

image 7Do not spend your money on hiring some interior designer who could design your bathroom in a wrong way. Not only will it cost the money, but also he or she will get on your nerves with their immense ideas you just do not want to include into your renovation. If you choose to only update your fixtures, and not change and move them around, you will not need a designer for any moving problems, which they are great at. Therefore, no designer is needed, and you have saved a lot of money.

Do Not Remove Fixtures – Update Them

Paying attention to details is essential to every room in the house, especially the bathroom. All these little decorative items or nicely designed crucial items can make a difference to an entire bathroom design. Sink faucets, light fixtures, drawer pulls, and towel racks can be updated for a very low amount of money. Furthermore, if some of the plumbing is leaking, platinum hot water and plumbing can easily, and with great professionality, fix any malfunction.

Instead of spending a bunch of money on towel racks from famous department stores, try using old plumbing if you know someone is changing them in their home. You could just repaint them and it will be a bathroom like no other.

Keep the Environment in Mind

Low-flow sinks, toilets, and shower heads will both help you conserve water, and save you money as well. Moreover, water-saving faucets and shower heads usually cost the same, sometimes even less, than traditional ones. Furthermore, used or repurposing materials are also environmental friendly. Try searching for ideas online or ask your friends for some DIY ideas. For example, it is not difficult at all to transform mason-canning jars into soap dispensers.

Obviously, you do not need tons of money to turn your bathroom into a beautiful and relaxing oasis. Just use your imagination, pick up a couple of construction manuals, and you will do great. After all, you are the only one who knows best how you want your bathroom to be designed after a remodeling.


How to Go About Bathroom Cleaning Systematically

How to Go About Bathroom Cleaning SystematicallyCleaning the bathroom isn’t a job anyone looks forward to but here are a few quick and easy ways of keeping it clean and tidy. We’re probably all guilty of dashing in and out of the shower in a rush every morning, so these tips really are quick and will save you a lot of cleaning time and effort.


Quickly wipe down the bathtub/shower and any tiles after each use. This will prevent any build up over time and save you the problem and having to scrub at the tiles when they get visibly dirty. Keeping a spray and cloth in the bathroom will help remind you to do this each time.

Air out

Also, after each use make sure that you leave the bathroom door open and turn on any fans or open any windows. This will allow the room to air out, getting rid of the moisture in the air, and help prevent or fight against any moulds growing in the damp conditions. To help prevent this on shower curtains, straighten them back after use to let them air dry better and more freely.


How to Go About Bathroom Cleaning Systematically2In addition to the spray and cloth you store in the bathroom it may be useful to store disposable wipes. If you use a wipe to spot clean the counter, mirrors etc. each night, this will quickly become a pattern ensuring that the bathroom is clean for when you wake up. This will encourage you to keep it clean throughout the day.


The first thing you should do to make your bathroom look tidier is to de-clutter. Get rid of any products you no longer use or dislike. Having them there will serve no purpose but making the room look untidy and less manageable. After cutting down to only the products you actually use, you should make a set place for each product. This will allow you keep track of everything and having a set place for them to keep will encourage you to put them back there after using them.


In addition to only keeping the products you use often in the bathroom you should invest in other storage rather than leaving everything on countertops. Racks are a nice way of organising things properly and cupboards can store them out of view for a more minimalist look. Realistically, the only products that should be on a countertop are the products you use every single day such as toothbrush and paste and face care. This cuts down on clutter and again will help give everything a set place to be returned to after use.


Dropping a sprinkle of baking soda into the toilet overnight will not only keep it cleaner but get rid of any lingering smells, something no one wants to wake up to. Leave the baking soda in overnight to work and simply flush in the morning. This is usually a no fuss method; however, if you see a ring of build up you should give it a quick scrub before flushing to ensure that nothing sticks to the inside of the toilet. This will only take a few seconds and save you the problem of having to really scrub the toilet clean at a later date.




Out of the Ordinary Bathroom Designs

image 2Undecided on what kind of design to set up in your bathroom? Then try out an eclectic style that will surely be out of the ordinary. You need to pay attention to the small details, as they will matter a lot when trying to come up with a unique design that will set apart your bathroom from the others’. Though, make sure that you set a goal, so that you do not overdo with combining different styles.

Harmony in Uniqueness

One of the most interesting philosophies of an eclectic design is that you need to keep everything in harmony, although you are combining chaotic and unusual elements. Though, it will be a great opportunity to put together common contemporary design with new and modern ideas, and you can also put in a third style you always wanted to try out. However, be sure to underline the main idea, which is harmonious serenity and the feeling of wholeness in your bathroom.

Brining In the Rustic Designs

Most will love bathrooms with rustic elements as they can look amazing, and most will be able to fit in almost any design they are combined with. However, you have to make sure that you pick only a few items, as they could be the overall focal points in your bathroom. Just make sure that you choose wisely, and that you do not bring in too much rustic or you might ruin the eclectic wholeness you were going for. On the other hand, be sure to explore what great ideas you can introduce into your bathroom.

Install New Bathroom Fixtures

Whether you are thinking about new fixtures for your lighting or for your faucets, it will be a good chance to go out and to look for those pieces you always imagined in your perfect bathroom. However, bringing in too much color, or too much of a certain type can be bothersome and it will disturb the balance you are going for. Keep in mind that most of the fixtures you can find in thrift shops as well, meaning that you will not have to break your budget.

Be Careful With Your Tiles

image 4The most expensive and most delicate choice you will have to make is going to be which tiles you get. But, if you pay attention to some common details when buying them, you can make sure to get something that will go perfectly with the overall eclectic style you are aiming for. Though, be sure to mix it up, and to choose tiles which are unusual. After all, the beauty of eclectic design is the lack of rules.

Mind Your Plumbing

As you will probably go about installing new addition and features in your bathroom, you will have to make sure that you adapt your bathroom to house the new additions. In general, it is best to call in professionals like plumbers from Sydney to help you get done with plumbing services, so that you do not ruin anything in the meantime, and that you can rest assured that everything will be done, without leaving any traces behind.

Putting together a harmonious design will take some time and patience, and you should also set a budget, so that you know exactly how much money you can work with. Though, be sure to choose your styles wisely, so that you do not end up with a mishmash of everything. After all, your aim is to create a bathroom from your dreams, so that every time you enter, you feel like getting into heaven. All that is left after is to enjoy yourself.


Creating a Great Vintage-Style Bathroom

image 1If you believe that it is time to update your bathroom’s overall design, then it is time to look into what vintage styling can offer. Though, you will have to make sure that you are ready to commit, as the transformation can be long and tedious, and there will be no turning back once you start. Moreover, keep in mind that spending your money on it will rarely be refundable as well.

Use What You Have At Home

Although many would think that vintage means old, there is a subtle difference, because it mostly refers to a Victorian feel. However, it should not stop you from going through your old things and finding chairs or even old chests which you can have in your bathroom. Just make sure that you clean them before though and coat them with protective varnish so that they do not get ruined by water.

Make Use of Mirrors

Adding a few decorative vintage style mirrors is almost mandatory because it will not only add a certain level of charm to your bathroom, but it can help in making it seem bigger as well. Though, there are plenty of ways how you can go about decorating with mirrors, which is why you need to try it out before you hang it, so that you do not have to drill too many holes. On the other hand, be sure that you do not have too many mirrors because they could actually make your bathroom appear smaller, and it will be hard to clean all the surfaces when it is time to clean.

Get New Flooring While You Are At It

image 4Nothing says vintage more than getting hardwood flooring. Though, you should look into the many styles you can choose from, because it will be very important, so that your flooring does not get ruined over time. Be prepared that you will have to spend some time on keeping your hardwood clean and safe from bathroom weather that could ruin it. Cleaning and varnishing should become regular, and you will ensure a healthy and lengthy life for your hardwood flooring.

Introduce Decorative Items

The best thing about vintage-style is that you can make use of all the decorative items you have lying around, but try to stay away from new-age ones. Be sure to stick to the overall Victorian feeling, which means that you should not have a lot of color, or at least not in a lot of shades. Furthermore, try not to clutter up your bathroom, as you will find it harder to move around, and to clean later on.

Changing the Fixtures

Installing new plumbing features and Victorian style tub will be a great opportunity to change your pipes as well. Furthermore, plumbing professionals can handle any blocked drains they find along the way, and you can make sure to learn how to prevent them in the future as well. You will need careful planning when deciding what new features you want installed, so that you do not have to take out and install new pipes every time.

Brining all the small details together and making sure that you are in line with your design will present a beautiful and awe-inspiring bathroom that many could be jealous of. However, you will have to carefully plan out every little detail, so that you do not make a wrong move while going about it, as you can end up having to pay a lot more than you first budgeted it out. When you are done, make sure to enjoy your new bathroom.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to home improvement and latest DIY projects.

How to achieve Victorian appeal in your bathroom

The majority of people tend to organise their living spaces in a way that would be fine with most of the visitors, but having an authentic and unique style for your home arrangements is a characteristic of only a few. One of these arrangements includes bathroom, a place where it is important to feel comfortable and relaxed as much as in any other part of your home.

If you are not satisfied with the current appearance of your bathroom, it is probably high time to start thinking about something different. Very often, even the smallest change of details can contribute significantly to the general appeal. You can start with a smart bathroom update, which can include making small tweaks, such as changing the tiles, or even changing the entire bathroom plan.

Our recommendation for today is achieving Victorian appeal in your bathroom. Here is how.


The first thing you can start from is a truly Victorian bathtub. Luckily for you, pedestal clawfoot tubs are back on the market, so you will not find it difficult getting the one that fits your bathroom’s measurements best. Just make sure to position it at the centre of your bathroom, and you will achieve a truly Victorian elegance and make it timeless.

Vanity sink

SinkAs suggested by Parade Of Homes, pedestal sink is “a uniquely Victorian detail”, which makes your bathroom more attractive, no matter if you chose round or square sink. Adding a bronze or marble sink on a vanity chest of drawers is a vintage detail your Victorian bathroom must not lack.


Opt for ceramic tiles rather than simply painting the walls. The right tiles for Victorian style are full of ornaments consisting of geometrical shapes, birds, butterflies, flowers, trailing ivy, etc. They are high in contrast, very often rich in contours, and also swarming in details. Their background is usually white, so you can be sure they can fit almost any space, which they will contribute to with their airy and light feel.


When it comes to colours, the best choice you can make are usually white, or subtle shades of yellow, blue and pink. Avoid bold colours, such as red and dark (any kind of dark colours, for that matter), and you will achieve a soothing, romantic atmosphere in your bathroom. If you can, add big windows and let the daylight enter your Victorian bathroom to give it a special glow.


TapVintage pieces are also back on the market, and now they come in all shapes and sizes. If you do not want to spend hours walking around shops, you can start by researching tapware pieces online. There are many fine pieces that can fit into your new decor, such as Nicolazzi Three Piece Basin Set. What is best about them is that they can be installed easily, so that you do not have to call for a professional to help you.

Someone who likes spaciousness and  luxury on one side and beauty and ease of use on the other, is half way from going for a Victorian style bathroom. This is definitely a smart bathroom update to be made, and we hope these tips will help you in making the best one.


Silestone Countertops: What is Silestone?

countertopWhile most kitchen and bathroom countertops are commonly made of granite or marble, silestone is another lesser known option.  Silestone is a compound made up of 94% natural quartz, one of the hardest materials in nature.  Because of this, silestone countertops are extraordinarily resilient and durable.  It is a gorgeous material which makes it a desirable piece for countertops throughout the home, indoor or outdoor.  Because of the way silestone is created, it’s easy to find many different colors, patterns and textures which can fit perfectly within your idea of style and beauty.

Just as with all countertops, silestone countertops require a unique form of cleaning and maintenance.  Because of the way it is created, silestone does not even need polishing. Silestone is made of non-porous materials and, often times, contains an anti-microbial agent, ensuring microorganisms do not flourish on the countertops.  In most cases soap and warm water may do the trick but for certain stains, you can clean counters with these options:

  • For grease stains, apply a small amount of 409, Windex or a common household cleaner and rub with a scouring pad. Rinse immediately with water.
  • For marks left by glasses, use hydrochloric acid on the surface and let sit for one minute. Rinse immediately with water.
  • For silicon stains, use a knife and a solvent. Rinse immediately with water.

Due to its resilience, silestone countertops are highly resistant to acids, oils, coffee, wine and soft drinks.  However, there are many products you should avoid cleaning with, including:

  • Hydrofluoric acid, Dichloromethane, NaOH – caustic soda, and Paint Strippers. Do not use under any circumstance!
  • Bleach or Degreasing Agents – Do not use for maintenance. If you do, immediately rinse with water.
  • Alkaline products – When this product remains on the surface for more than 12 hours, it may cause the countertop to lose its sheen.
  • Trichloroethylene, Acetone and Paint Thinner – These may be used to remove a specific stain but if so, after scrubbing, wipe off the product with water.
  • Water Repellants – Do not use water repellants or sealants to bring out the luster.

With these simple cleaning tips, you will be able to enjoy your silestone countertop for many years to come!  For more information on silestone countertops, contact the professionals at Stone Tech Marble.


Smart Home Investments: Update Rather Than Replace Your Shower

shower-head-590Not all home upgrades are created equal. Some home improvement projects affect the value and desirability of a home more than any others. More specifically, kitchen and bathroom upgrades give your home the most value. Upgrades made to a bathroom can result in greater than 100% return on investment! If you are considering making updates to your home, the shower in your bathroom is a smart and rewarding place to start.

Deep clean grout and re-caulk all seams. If you have a tile bathroom, the first thing you should do before making any updates is to freshen grout and re-caulk all seams. A simple deep cleaning of all of the grout between your tiles, paired with a well-applied caulking will give your bathroom an immediate facelift. If you do plan on making additional upgrades, it is important to ensure that you begin with your best foot forward.

Add a glass door to your shower. Shower curtains are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Glass shower doors create the illusion of openness, a welcome change for any small bathroom. You need not worry about the shape of your existing shower. Professional glass providers such as Karsey Glass can make custom cuts to fit your shower’s unique needs.

Replace your showerhead. One relatively low-cost upgrade is replacing your shower head. The $20 retail showerheads are simple to install. If you are looking for something a bit more upscale and willing to spend a little extra, you can easily increase water pressure and comfort of during your shower experience with a “rain showerhead.” These types of showerheads drop water straight down from the center of the shower, rather than at an angle from the wall.

Get creative with your lighting. Unique lighting options have become increasingly affordable in recent years. LED lights capable of displaying any color are cheap and easy to install. For example, you could place LEDs behind the wall-facing lip of your tub, which would produce a glowing ambiance around this feature. Nautical or industrial-styled light fixtures can also add a special touch to make your bathroom space unique.

Add a speaker. For those long, decadent showers, or perhaps to help wake you up in the morning, install a Bluetooth speaker in your bathroom. You can go about this in several ways. You could take the permanent approach and install the speaker directly into the ceiling or wall. If you’re on a tight budget, you could always invest in a waterproof, battery powered Bluetooth speaker made for showering purposes.

For your next round of home upgrades, look to your bathroom shower first!


Simple, Modern Bathroom Makeovers

PaintsYour bathroom can be one of the most difficult spaces in your home to modernize. You might find yourself thinking you need to replace expensive installments like showers, tubs, and toilets in order to update the appearance of your bathroom. Fear not, homeowners! There are simple, affordable ways to update your bathroom.

Reuse and Recycle. Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and purchase all new fixtures. If you’re fond of your current hardware, add a coat of paint or finish to them. Sometimes a touch up or change of color makes all the difference.

Scour Garage Sales. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You might be able to find the perfect towel rack, cabinet, or mirror at half the cost at a local yard sale or thrift shop. Find a shelving unit or medicine cabinet that can easily be painted to update the look or better match it to your existing bathroom décor.

Incorporate Updated Accessories. Swap out old decorative carpets for new, fresh ones. Install shelving units to place decorative accents like floral arrangements or simple decorative photos. Hang crisp, clean hand towels for your guests to use. Store your soap in an intricate pump instead of the plastic bottle it comes in. Keep toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other toiletries stored in a drawer or cabinet to prevent the appearance of clutter. Simple upgrades such as these can breathe new life into any bathroom in seconds.

Touch Up Flooring. Depending on what type you have, you can do a few things to update the look of your floor. If you have hardwood flooring, try painting the floor with waterproof paint, similar to deck paint. If you love the existing color, layer on a fresh coat of stain or sealant to bring its shine back to life.  If you have tile flooring, use a cleanser designed to remove ground in dirt to refresh the surface. If you’re your flooring needs to be completely replaced, use affordable vinyl covering to get the look of ceramic, wood or stone at a fraction of the cost.

Paint Walls. Applying a fresh coat of paint is a simple, affordable way to update your bathroom. If you have a lot of natural light to work with, play with deeper shades of red or blue. Even a simple coat of white paint can refresh your bathrooms appearance. If you’re really feeling courageous, play with accent walls. A gold accent wall surrounded by warm brown paint can really cozy up a space. Faux painting is another option, and has become a recent trend amongst homeowners. Give your bathroom walls the appearance of marble, antiqued wood, or even Venetian plaster with the help of the painting specialists at CertaPro Painters of League City, TX.

If your bathroom is in need of an upgrade but you’re on a budget, consider some of these thrifty ideas. Sometimes all you need is small change to make all the difference. Using different colors and adding simple accents can really add to the decor factor in your bathroom.

5 Inspiring Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are the most important component of a bathroom space. They allow us to see ourselves, and can expand the look of even the smallest of bathrooms. Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and can give your bathroom the boost it needs to become one of the most stylish rooms in your home.

Lighted MirrorLighted Mirror – When doing close grooming like shaving and applying makeup, it is nice to have a mirror with additional lighting. Try a contemporary mirror with extra florescent lighting to make getting ready in the morning a breeze. These mirrors work well in bathrooms equipped with a lot of cabinet and closet storage, eliminating the need to have a medicine cabinet behind the mirror.

Bright Framed MirrorFramed Mirror – Framed mirrors can function as a statement piece in a bathroom, and can work to tie a theme together or add a pop of color. You can purchase a pre-framed mirror, or create a unique piece of your own by framing a regular mirror with stained wood or pieces of metal. Try a colorful frame to add brightness to your bathroom.

Wall MirorMakeup Mirror – If you are concerned about a smaller bathroom and being tight on space, use a miniature mirror that can be easily mounted to a wall or cabinet, conserving space. These types of mirrors are offered in a number of shapes and sizes, and have a retractable arm so that the mirror can be tucked away when necessary. Choosing one really comes down to personal taste, as well as the size and set up of your bathroom.


Round MirrorSimple Mirror – If your bathroom has a wall covered in stone, an intricate paint design, or simply full of minor details already, opt for a simple, frameless mirror. Your current décor will determine whether a round, square, or rectangular mirror will work best in the space.

Shoe MirrorMulti-function Mirror – If your bathroom is big enough, you can find a number of mirrors that serve more than one purpose. One of the most popular types of these mirrors is a traditional medicine cabinet with a mirror for a door. If you’re looking for something unique and have a lot of bathroom ground to cover, try a shoe rack with mirror-faced drawers.


Transform your bathroom into the most unique and stylish room in your home with any of these bathroom mirrors. For more options, check out the Bath Outlet.