decorative concrete tilesYou have decorative concrete in some part of your home, whether it is outside or inside, and now that you have put the money towards a stylish addition you want to keep it well maintained. With something as beautiful as decorative concrete, it is worth putting the time and effort into keeping it looking fantastic. How do you take care of your decorative concrete?

First off, once you have installed the concrete it should be sealed to protect it from any danger. You should seal the concrete regularly, typically every two or three years, depending on where the concrete is and what it is exposed to. If you wait longer the sealer will not be able to protect the decorative concrete as best as possible, which could lead to fading colors and stain build up. The concrete should be completely dry before a sealer is applied or it will not work properly.

Clean the concrete routinely as well. If it is outside, you can easily clean the concrete with a garden hose or a power washer. Dish soap and a bristled broom will help remove any outside residue after scrubbing and rinsing thoroughly to remove everything. If the concrete is inside you can clean it by using a mop or a steam cleaner to scrub away any stains.

Just because a surface is stain resistant does not mean it is stain proof. Stains need to be removed as quickly as possible so that they cannot get into the surface. Decorative concrete is chemical resistant when sealed but it is not damage proof. If a chemical does get onto the concrete, it should get diluted properly so that it does not harm the surface.

If the concrete is outdoors, during the winter months all snow and ice should be removed so that the effects of freezing and thawing are minimal. Do not use deicers that contain ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate as they can deteriorate the concrete surface very quickly, ruining the decorative concrete.

By taking proper care of your decorative concrete you will have many years to enjoy the beauty of the concrete, no matter where it is around your home. Your home can feel more stylish and modern by using decorative concrete, and it only makes sense that you would have to maintain the concrete in order for it to stay in pristine condition.

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