image 8The furniture you might have on your patio or garden could be hard to take care of, because the weather and time will gnaw on it. You can prevent it from being destroyed completely but it will be important to take the right precautions, otherwise you might have to throw them away. Bear in mind that while some furniture is meant to be outside all year round, some you will need to take inside, when the weather gets cold.

Keep Your Furniture Clean

One of the most important things to do is clean your furniture, whether you have it inside or outside, it will need to be cleaned regularly. Not only can you protect it from any harm, but you can notice early signs of deterioration and take the necessary steps to make it stop. The more you pay attention to your furniture, the longer it will last, and you will not have to spend a lot of money on it.

Wicker Furniture

Problem with wicker furniture is that it will often lose its color or start to look like it is centuries old. This will be due to some of the oils evaporating from the material. In order to transform your wicker gone wild, you will either have to get some store bought oils, make them on your own, or repurpose the pieces. Luckily, wicker furniture is versatile and will allow for easy repurposing. Then again, recolouring can help add a protective layer so that it can last longer.

Wood Will Fade Out

image 3Your wooden furniture will no doubt lose its vibrant colour and will start to look like it is fading away. Once again, it will be due to the oils inside the wood slowly evaporating and because the sun is drawing the colour out. However, if you apply a wooden seal and add protective coatings of paint and varnish, you can make your furniture glow with glee once again. These will be simple weekend projects you can do on a budget as well.

Remove Rust

Rusty metal pieces on a furniture look like they have been dug up from a junkyard, and in order to get rid of it, you will have to get chemical. Be sure to stay away from industrial rust removers, unless necessary, as they might ruin the rest of your furniture, or leave a bad odour. You can use homemade ingredients which will be able to combat rust just as effectively, and help protect your set.

Time for a New Set

Eventually, time and weather will eat up your furniture and try as you might, there will be nothing else you can do but to replace your outdoor furniture. Though, now you can apply your gathered knowledge on how to protect it from the elements, and what to do when it starts losing its colour or looks like rust will take over. Bear in mind that simple caretaking can go a long way, and that your furniture will survive longer, even if being left outside.

There are cheap and easy ways to take care of your furniture, whether you leave them outside all year round or if you bring them in. But, you can do only as much, because over time, they will be worn out and their integrity will wane. Refreshing the look of your furniture might work a few times, but after some time, you will have to admit defeat, and find a new purpose for your old furniture. In the end though, you can replace your worn-out pieces with new ones, to have a complete set.