Your child should love spending time in their bedroom. As they grow, you will likely have to change some of the décor or items to reflect their style. You can do this even while being on a budget.

Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint doesn’t cost much. Let your child pick out the color of their choice. This will allow them to feel included in the process.

The real investment comes in the time that it will take you to prep and paint the walls. Set aside a weekend to complete this task. Include your child in the process. This will make them feel as though you’re respecting their emerging sense of style. It will also teach them the value of working hard. They will want to spend more time in their room if they’re allowed to help you paint it.

Showcase Walls

Set up a wall using old frames to display their artwork. Use easy to remove stick-on solutions so that you can replace the pictures as needed. This way their art pieces will always be relevant to their age.

Another option is to do one wall with chalkboard paint. Your little artist can make new designs whenever they are feeling inspired. This can also be a good outlet for younger children to prevent them from drawing on the other walls in your house.

Use old party decorations to create a unique display. You can change these out with the seasons. They provide a splash of color and are a point of interest for your child.

Find wall decals that your child will love. These are easy to attach to the wall. When your child becomes tired of the theme, you can easily remove them.

Repurpose Old Materials

Decorate old paper bags to store all of your child’s toys. Get out those art supplies and let your child have fun with the process. When the bag gets destroyed, you can just have your child make another one.

Get carpet remnants from your local flooring store. Select bright colors that will appeal to your kids. You can cut them into fun and unique shapes to provide some color and help protect your floor.

Use colorful dish towels as curtains. You can attach as many together as you need for the length of the window. They even have the ends hemmed so that they won’t become frayed.

Reuse your old Christmas lights. Hang them around your child’s room near the ceiling. This way your child can have a festive room that can also serve as a nightlight.

Use Second Hand Furniture

Visit your local thrift stores to find unique furniture pieces. Select pieces that are made of good quality materials. You want them to last through any abuse that your child might inflict on them.

Another place to look for used furniture is at estate sales. In some areas, there are stores that specialize in reselling these estate items. You can find something that will fit with your child’s style and be within budget.

Buy a bookshelf to display your child’s old toys. Select toys that they no longer play with but have sentimental value. Choose toys that are colorful and are still in relatively good shape.

Use Reversible Bedding

Wait for clearance sales to purchase bedding material. Year-end closeouts are a good time to buy. Reversible bedding allows you to quickly change the look of your child’s bedroom without having to purchase new bedding.

Wallpaper Panels

Find unique wallpaper patterns that will appeal to your child. Use these to create interesting wall art. You can even do an accent wall in order to spruce up your child’s room.

There are lots of options when it comes to redecorating your child’s room. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create something that your child will love. Use your imagination, and see how the things around you can be repurposed.