Billiard table in a basementWaterproofing a basement can be a big job for most homeowners. The cost can vary greatly depending on the specific conditions of the house and it’s foundation. In some cases it can be very expensive, however, the benefits of basement waterproofing will outweigh those costs in the long run.

The first and most basic part of a building or house is it’s foundation. It has to be strong and able to support the overall structure for the life of the home. The structural integrity of a house is adversely affected by moisture and water seepage through the basement walls and floor. Gradual erosion of the foundation walls weakens them over the long term. Waterproofing will prevent this from occurring and help maintain a strong foundation.

The value of a home can also be affected by a wet basement. If this expense is left to a future owner, that expense will actually be reflected back to the current homeowner in the reduced value of their property and lower resale price. In that case, not waterproofing the basement could cost the current homeowner more than if they took care of the job themselves.

If you use your basement as a storage space, there is nothing worse than a damp environment for causing damage to the items being stored there. Moisture destroys cardboard boxes, and even mild flooding can permanently destroy valuable items such as furniture, electronics, Christmas decorations, old photo albums, books, and more.

Waterproofing a basement allows a person to reclaim some space in their home to use as they see fit. They can use it for a dry storage space as stated above, or they can convert it into a den, a bedroom, a recreation room, a family room, or whatever they need. This can also increase the value of their home if it is ever sold at a later time.

A damp basement is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. It also attracts a variety of unwelcome pests like spiders and other insects that may carry diseases. This can be a significant health threat as mold is the cause of many respiratory ailments. Waterproofing your basement can eliminate all of these threats almost overnight and help create peace of mind as well.

Some older homes may have their electrical fuse box or panel located in a basement. If these homes are located in a region that has a lot of rainfall, basement flooding could in some cases cause electrical shorts and loss of power. At the very least, a sump pump system with a backup should be installed to prevent rising water levels in extreme instances. Full water- proofing to create a dry environment will also prevent any corrosion of electrical contacts.

These are the primary benefits of basement waterproofing. Planning ahead is important to prevent future damage of property and its value. The cost today will be worth what is gained in the long term.