water rippleYour basement is supposed to be a functional room and not a sewer. The fact that you are already noticing moisture on it is an indication that this purpose has been compromised. Instead of putting up with this untoward occurrence, you should start making solutions for it like waterproofing it with the best known product in the market as advised by your trusty home builder or dealer. To fuel up your desire to do reproofing rather than putting up with remedies like sealing only the area where you noticed the leak or placing basins where the leaks are noticed to catch the water drips, here are some of the benefits of basement waterproofing:


  1. It completely seals all you basement walls and slab. One of the most important benefits of basement waterproofing is that you don’t have to do and redo the remedy. You just have to do it once and the problem disappears. No more reasons for you to keep out of your basement or the fear or growing different health threatening organisms in there. Best, you can even enjoy another room in the house for your extra-curricular activities or just the obvious spacious stock room that most basements are made for.


  1. Waterproofing keeps your foundation and thus home from future damage. In case you hadn’t notice, the basement is basically where your foundations are. The moment water intrusion happens to it, you can rest assured that your foundation is also put up with the same occurrence. Now, you wouldn’t want that because letting water seep through your foundation is as good as allowing it to rot and become irregular for its functions. And as you know, you foundation is called its name because it is where the entire weight of your home rests upon. Neglect on its proper maintenance will only bring unfathomable damage to your home. Taken care of early, you will surely enjoy the lasting benefits of basement waterproofing.


  1. Prevent future problems in your home that are associated with water seepage and intrusion. The major benefits of basement waterproofing are not just for the short term, it is actually a long term solution to a very huge home problem. So before your think about ditching the idea of totally waterproofing your basement to other sealing remedies, you have to look at the situation in the bigger picture. You wouldn’t want to worry not only for your home but also for your family and their health. Therefore, it is just fitting to stop the problem now more than ever while it is still fresh and not too big for you and your budget. Learn the basics and what waterproofing products you can use for your problem now or better yet, ask your home builder or the trusty handy man in your favourite home store.


You would surely be happy to know that there are different ways you can provide waterproofing solutions to your basement and some of these ways can be done by you—no extra expenditures, thus big savings!  Don’t go bankrupt the next time it pours rain because you didn’t waterproof.  A finished basement can be very expensive to replace.