image 5Living in a dorm, or any other kind of other student accommodation has to be one of the best experiences a student can have. Not only because these are the places where you can meet a lot of interesting people or because they are associated with student life, which is in its own right pretty awesome. Dorms and apartments are usually the first places students can call their own homes before finally becoming fully independent. They deserve some love, don’t they? Let us see how you can make your accommodation as cool as possible without crippling your student budget.

Cool Artwork

Nothing makes a space instantly appealing more than a piece of art. Especially if that piece of art is chosen correctly. As for the dorm room, going too classy or, on the other hand, too on-the-nose would be overkill. So, if you’re into sports choose some imagery that will add a vintage feel to the room. If you’re into comics, drawings by Darwyn Cooke will have much broader appeal than some more contemporary-looking works. Same goes for the music, film, or any other kind of imagery you may be into.


Other very easy way to affect how a room appears is to change the lighting. Of course, no one expects you to pull off some major overhaul, but even something as simple as introducing small tweaks like new lamps or even new bulbs can go a very long way. Also, changing the curtains can drastically influence will your room fall more on the warmer or the colder side of the color spectrum. On the other hand, if you are more ambitious, you can take the matters into your own hands and create your own lighting.

Rugs, Carpets, Covers and Cushions

Although they appear otherwise, carpets and rugs are not that expensive, especially if you know where to look for them (yard sales, flea markets, web shops). They do, however, bring a sense of luxury to the space they occupy, so if you are going for the eye-candy you cannot go wrong with rugs. Choose some cozy and fluffy variety and your feet will be eternally grateful. Same goes for covers and cushions, sans the feet factor.

Storage Space and Book Cases

image 6Sure, equipping yourself with enough storage units may not sound like the most obvious investment you can make once you find the student accommodation in Sidney, Brisbane or any other major city and have tons of future expenses along the road. But it is a worthwhile investment, nevertheless. Not only they are useful, but once you populate them with the things you like, they can lend your room an immense amount of personality. Also, much like rugs, they can be found at a bargain price.


Plants are living and breathing beings. That is why they bring some sense of freshness, joy and liveliness even in the most barren and sterile looking spaces. Besides, plants are associated with a number of interesting benefits; improved mental health, ability to concentrate, quality of sleep and overall happiness being only some of them. And believe us, you will need all of that to pull off the studies.


Finally, simply moving the furniture around and creating few different hubs (sleeping, learning, gaming, working out…) and making subtle boundaries between them (you can use something as simple as differently colored rugs) can make the room appear much bigger and more functional. If you are sharing the accommodation with a roommate dividing the room in different hubs can be a life-saver.

These were some of the tips that will make your student accommodation not only better looking, but also more functional and healthier place to live in, as well. So, what are you waiting for, then? Make that dorm room as cool as possible and start your studies on the right foot.