Kitchen Remodeling Energy Benefits

As the center of a home, kitchens are a fundamental room that homeowners take pride in as a place of establishment that is meant for gathering and entertaining.  Kitchens allow us to cook gourmet meals, host parties, be creative and entertain guests. Lighting, refrigeration and cooking are responsible for over 41% of a home’s energy consumption. You want your kitchen to be spectacular and energy efficient, something that a remodel can provide you with. Kitchen remodeling projects yield a 76%…

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Home Damaged? How Do You Choose A Restoration Company??

After your home becomes damaged from any type of disaster, there are many things that need to be done. One of those things is choosing a restoration company that is going to help restore your home to your previous standards. Choosing a restoration company can be difficult as you do not want to hire somebody that is going to take your money and run without doing their proper job. How do you choose a restoration company that is sure to…

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