A Few Things to Fix Before Your Room RedesignMaybe your property is up for sale or the existing decor feels stale, but there are still a few things to fix before your room redesign. It is easy to become lost in a buying frenzy of chairs, paint and throw rugs, but any design is only good as its foundation. Here are some tips from professional interior designers and do-it-yourselfers (DIY-ers) that serve to protect your next project.

Check the floors

Check the flooring in your future design space for loose boards, cracked or vinyl or torn carpet. Assess the damage and determine whether it is easily fixable. Some situations are simple as finding a nail or purchasing solution at the local hardware store. Areas with lots of missing pieces or extensive damage may need replacing. Consult with a professional if you are unsure about the situation.

Spruce up the windows and doors

Take a good look at any windows and door located in the room and asses if they need improving. Replace torn screens and missing hardware. Remove door and window screens and take them directly to the hardware store to ensure a correct fit. Take pictures of your existing hardware and talk to a sales associate about finding coordinating replacement pieces. Look for spaces around the doors and windows and apply fresh caulk to maximize energy efficiency and keep insects out.

Clean up the walls

Inspect the walls for cosmetic imperfections including nail holes and scratches. Fill them in with putty and sand the area down for a smooth finish. Do not forget the space immediately below the wall known as baseboards. Look for any signs of leakage and call in professionals, like pipe repair Milwaukee, to rectify any problems. While you prep the area, start thinking about potential paint colors that would flatter the space.

Keep your roof in one piece

Look at the ceiling and check for blown lights or staining that could be the sign of a roof issue. Change light bulbs as needed and call a professional if you see water stains. There is nothing like redesigning a space, only to have the entire area damaged during a major storm. Extensive damage can also result in roof collapses, rendering the entire space uninhabitable.

Follow the previously listing prerequisites and you will be ready for redesign in no time. DIY programming inspires many to create fresh, new spaces. The right prep ensures your vision does not go down in flames.