7 inspiring ways to make your home feel more comfortable

2315705263_887edcd3c3_oSome people say that home is the place we are living in. There is no need to point out how grossly inaccurate that is – great number of people lives in student dorms, and they will find very difficult to call it a home. No, home is the place where we feel safe, relaxed, and tucked in. In other words, home is the place where we feel comfortable. If we are not feeling comfortable and safe, our homes are nothing else than our prisons. Let us see then what you can do to make every return to your home a happy one.

  1. Clean Your Home

And we are not talking only about the regular cleaning duties like dusting and taking the garbage out. We are talking about removing everything you do not need. And there are a lot of such things. Try taking out literally everything that is inside and then returning only the things you find absolutely necessary. You will see just how many things will be left outside. Of course, if this sounds too intimidating, you can always find some effective cleaning service to help you pull this off.

  1. Cover Your Floors With Cozy Rugs

living-room-1157051_960_720Now that you have created some space it is time to populate your home with the things that will make it a more pleasant place to live in, and is there any better way to startthat than by giving your feet a long deserved love? Yes, there is nothing worse that starting your day by touching the cold hardwood. Cover it with some pleasant shaggy rugs.

  1. Create a Nook

Reading nooks are probably the most widespread variety, but if reading is not your cup of tea, you may create yourself music nook, gaming nook, movies nook, or whatever other nook you find the most enjoyable. The most important thing is that you will have your own comfortable corner where you will be able to enjoy the things you like the most.

  1. Give Your Home a Knitted Makeover

There is something inherently cozy, warm, and almost Christmas-like about everything knitted. Why would you not then give your home a knitted makeover and grace it with those exact qualities?Knitted chair will be more comfortable to sit on, knitted chair legs will not scratch the floor, knitted dresser pals will provide you with more stylish storage space, and they will all make your life if just a little bit easier.

  1. Let there Be Light

Let us first mention that 95% of power consumed by regular incandescent bulbs is converted in heat rather than light, so unless you want to have the most inefficient heating in the world, replacing them with LED alternatives seems like a matter of common sense. While you are doing that, do not miss a chance to put some interesting twist on the way your house is lit and spice things up a bit.

  1. Cover Your Walls With Wood

fireplace-558985_960_720If you like rustic things and spending time in nature, covering your walls with wooden panels will lend your home a cottage-like charm and make you feel like you are in some remote mountain while you are there. Of course, if you are ready to sacrifice a little more space, you can use panels to cover up thermal insulation, which will bring you a lot of joy in the times of uneven climate.

  1. Take Care of the Colors

You cannot possibly feel comfortable in your home if it is not painted in the colors you like. Now, it is recommended thatyou surround yourself with the colors coming from the warmer paletteduring colder months and vice-versa. Since it is very hard to pull this off on a large scale, make your walls and large furniture pieces as neutrals as possible and save the seasonal makeovers for rugs, carpets, blankets, curtains, etc.

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