image 1Some people see their garage just as a place where they park their car, but that’s a big mistake. A garage is an essential part of every house and therefore deserves the same amount of love and attention as any other room. And if you think that all that space is somehow less functional, less pleasant, and of lesser worth than the rest of your house, that is only because you have not put enough effort into making your garage any different. Let us see what you can do to correct that mistake.

Let there be Light

Making any kind of repairs on your four wheeled friend would be impossible if you are unable to distinguish a wrench from a screwdriver. Install few bright and light sources that are easy on the eyes (you should position them so that all the parts of the garage are well lit no matter where you stand) and make this problem disappear. Utilizing as much of natural light as you can goes without a saying – Just place the windows on the northern and the southern part of garage to avoid unpleasant morning/evening glare.

Choose the Right Colors

When we think of a garage, the first thing that pops up to our minds is some greasy, industrial-looking space. Garages do not have to look that way. As a matter of fact, they should follow the same design language as the rest of your house’s interior and exterior. Choosing some fresh and bold colors over the same old whites and greys will make the garage a place where you will actually like to spend your free time.

Watch Where You Step

image 2Of course, bright colors may help your garage appear more pleasant, but how pleasant it will actually be, you’ll be able to determine only after you spend few hours standing behind the workbench. Do your feet a favor and install an anti-fatigue matte finish there. As for the rest of the garage, you can choose between plastic, rubber, and wooden tiles. They all have their pros and cons so be sure to check them all out before you make a final decision.

The More Storage the Better

Keep one thing in mind, though – This commodity should not come at the price of conformity, and the storage units should not obstruct the free movement throughout the garage. Tackle this issue by installing wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tool racks, hanging bike racks and any kind of storage units that will not occupy too much space, or can easily be put out of the way. If you are ambitious, you can even upgrade your garage with an attic and use it is an added storage space.

Choose the Right Doors

This one is really a no-brainer – Automatic doors may be more expensive than the regular ones, but they are much more convenient. Also, you should strongly consider opting for either sectional or roller variety, because they both need zero clearance. Steel is very affordable, durable and secure material, and it requires very little maintenance which makes it a perfect solution for every budget.

Put Things into Perspective

Last but not least, you should never consider any upgrade on your garage the final one. Who knows, you may one day become an avid visitor to earthmoving auctions and you may have to make necessary garage upgrades to accommodate your newly found passion. It would be such a shame if you would have to rebuild the roof that’s too low or tear down the shed you have built right next to garage.

If you follow these few tips, your garage should end up being much brighter, more pleasant, more functional and ready for any further upgrades you may want to make along the way. The most important of all, your garage will finally become an equal member of your house.