Water heaterYour water heating system at home is probably one of the most costly parts of your plumbing system since it is very important piece of equipment in your household.

However, when you are having trouble with your water heater you may end up spending a lot on repair, replacement parts and the services of a professional plumber. Before you even get to experience all these hassles, read the following tips and check for the signs that you may need a new water heater today:

Heating time takes longer than usual

If you frequently find yourself waiting longer than usual for the water to become hot, this is one obvious sign that you need a new water heater. Add to that the fact that once it consumes much time on the heating process, the result will also be not as hot as you expect it to be. Otherwise, you need to be prepared to waste much of your precious time just waiting for that water to become hot.

Your heater is having too many leaks

Although you may think about having your leaking heater fixed but, this fix would only be temporary. Sooner or later you will find yourself paying all over again for another repair. In turn, you will be spending more money on repair than you would in buying brand new heater. So, once you notice some leaks check how much you will be spending in the long run for keeping that heater with you and compare it with the costs of having a new one.

Your heater has been with you for many years

Just like everything else in this world, something that has been worn and torn for many years must either be replaced or disposed. This will save you much time and will spare you from a lot of hassle especially when you need to have it repaired for a couple of times. Most of all, replacing your old heater with a new one will provide you with much convenience knowing that you will not have to suffer from headaches from complaining that it is no longer functioning the way it was back then.

Your heater has temperature problems

Another sign that you need to have a new water heater is when it is having issues with temperature. If you have an old water heater and you notice that it is giving out water that is too hot or not hot enough for you to use, might as well consider the thought of purchasing a new one. Generally, the temperature of hot water for household use should be between 120 to 140 degrees. But, if the water is no longer that hot then it is possible that you are having a broken heating element.

Your heater keeps on whining

This is perhaps one of the worst signs that you need a new water heater. If your water heater is giving out irritating noise as it creaks, whines, screeches and bangs when being used then you should think about looking for a replacement. Otherwise, you might as well put some ear pads so you would find it comfortable staying inside your house while using your water heater.