In the world of rising unemployment, financial hardships and economic crisis spreading and aggravating fast, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to illegal actions for sheer survival. According to recent research, home burglaries in the U.S. alone occur at 15-second intervals – that’s 1,440 home robberies a day, which is extremely alarming and constitutes a serious reason for concern and preemptive steps for any sagacious homeowner. To help you keep your house secure and your valuables safe, we bring you a list of five simple, affordable and highly efficient burglar deterrents to fortify your home protection.

1. Safety bubble: Strong window and door locks as home protection instruments

One of the best traditional ways to boost security of your home and keep potential thieves at bay, sturdy safety window and door locks constitute the first line of defense against burglary. If you want to convey your ‘Keep Out’ message effectively, try installing large, visible locks on your house entryways as doors and windows are the most frequently used target access points for thieves.

2. Call of duty: Contact local police for a security check

In their line of duty, most police departments have the obligation to help citizens prevent house robberies and counter similar illegal activities before it’s too late to remedy the crime. If you want to make sure your home is 100% burglar-proof, consider contacting your local police unit for a security check and tangible recommendations as to where and how your house may use an additional security boost.

3. All the bells and whistles: Install a reliable security alarm system

pic (1)Another convenient way to up your home safety level is to install a reliable burglar alarm. Security alarms available on the global market ranges from the basic siren alerts to the highly advanced alarm systems so finding the one that suits your home protection needs and budget should not be much of a problem. Also, when installing the alarm in your home, think about the possibility of connecting your security system to the local police alert register for automatic burglary notifications and immediate on-site response.

4. A close eye on the house and its perimeter: Security cameras

In case you want comprehensive home protection with no unexpected glitches or hiccups, try using one or several security cameras or a complete house surveillance system. There are many security cams on the global market that can be used either as indoor or outdoor home monitors, and thanks to the constantly developing technology, a large number of surveillance systems comes equipped with motion sensors, night vision capabilities, sturdy batteries and hefty hard drive so you can use them to record events 24/7 for several days in a row.

5. Safe as houses: Fool-proof safes for valuables and important documents

Even if a burglary does occur in your home despite your best protection efforts, that still doesn’t mean your piggy bank, important documents, jewelry and other precious assets are doomed. By installing a fire-resistant safe with a fool-proof keypad access code or combination lock, you can add an extra layer of security to keep your valuables safe from harm at all times. For an extra dose of safety, choose a heavy safe that can be bolted to the floor to make sure that eager thieves don’t cart it out for safe-keeping until they find a way to crack it open.

Optimal house protection is structured in layers like an onion: from the garden gates to your library safe, you should install as many security membranes as possible since a simple chain and lock won’t stop a thief on their determined household conquest. With security monitors, burglar alarms and strong safe for valuables, your home security should be decently fortified – but you can also experiment with other safety gadgets and gizmos if you want to raise the bar even further.