image 1Not many people give their exterior walls a decorative not. Exterior walls represent a structural support. They protect it from outside elements and give shape to your home. But, you can use various decorative elements in endless ways to improve the appeal of your home’s exterior and make the time spent enjoying in your yard more pleasant. There are only some of the ideas for enhancing and ornamenting your exterior home walls.


What many people love about outside wood décor is that it weathers over time. Wood is a good material for outside DIY projects as it can be easily manipulated with by using the right tools. It is important to conduct a research on which type of wood is best for outdoor ornamenting beforehand, in order to make sure that there would be no surprises down the road.

Outside walls can be decorated with wooden art pieces or cladded with material such as wooden blocks. Wood adds a natural look and by mounting a wooden block sheet on an exterior wall provides a feeling of having Silvanus (Roman God of woods and protector of forests) on one’s side. Another great idea is putting bigger wooden carved pictures on the outside wall or mounting wall sculptures. There are people specialized in making these kind of installments made from combining treated plywood, salvaged wood and other wood sorts of lumber.


Another great approach to exterior wall cladding. There are various stone types like granite dry-stone, sandstone, slate and prefabricated stone wall panels that can provide a great eclectic look to exterior home walls. If you want to go with quality stone walls, Himalayan Rockface exterior wall cladding is a style to be reckoned with. Choosing diverse brick and stone textures among many popular wall claddings such as cotswold, cascade cream limestone, summit and urban wall cladding, like wooden décor, add a natural look to the exterior.

Decorative Concrete

Many artists use plain or colored concrete as canvas for their artworks. Concrete is good because it is durable and sustainable. They are usually acid stained and dyed for creating a unique, decorative wall piece. Also, designed concrete walls can reproduce the look of stone, masonry or other materials. Two ways to make this work – make smaller concrete plates, decorate and mount them one by one, or cement the whole wall an make it an outdoor canvas.

Eclectic Design

For those who are really into modern and eclectic design, there are numerous options. Upside down glass bottles glued into the wall, color-stained glass panels, spray paint murals, glaze stencil design and other solutions are cool for making an eclectic, seemingly dysfunctional design. One should bear in mind not to overdo it, because with this kind of décor, it is all about – balance.

Wall Art – Plants and Art Groupings

Hanging wall art groupings requires choosing the right style. Artistic ornaments are made of sustainable material like iron, treated lumber, plastic and composite decking (blend of recycled plastics and waste wood fiber) and are strategically grouped for making the best effect. Also, outside walls can be decorated with creatively arranged plants (hanging aluminum flower pots, supported by nylon coated steel cables) that fill the wall with beautiful, natural and live plant arrangements